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    5 Most Popular Forms of Internet Marketing

    iventures Adventurer

      Here's a quick rundown of the most popular forms of Internet Marketing:


      1. The Brick and Mortar Store Online. Most major companies and retail stores have created online versions of their brick and mortar businesses. Even if consumers don't buy online, many use these sites for gathering product information before buying in the real world. A factor many savvy businesses are exploiting in their overall marketing strategies.



      2. Online Services. Many service industries have moved online, everything from travel to banking to dating! Again, the Internet can be a profitable extension for any service company.


      3. Internet Gurus... Internet marketing has a whole history of pioneers who have forged the methods and techniques of marketing online - opt-in lists, mini-sites, article marketing, pay-per-click advertising, joint ventures... a brief history populated with such names as John Reese, Marlon Sanders, Ralph Wilson, Yanik Silver, Corey Rudl, Ken Evoy and countless others.


      A whole new industry has grown around 'How-to' market online, info products, workshops and web seminars - teaching people how to market on the Internet. A marketer creating his own product can prove very productive - as seen by John Reese's 2004 launch of Traffic Secrets, which earned over a million dollars in one day. (Without a penny of paid advertising!)


      4. Online Advertising and Pay-Per-Click advertising such as those offered by Google Adwords and others, presents another viable marketing route. Keywords (the exact words typed into a search engine) fuel a large portion of the web's activity. Keyword marketing has become a major driving force behind most of the economic transactions on the web. This is a very lucrative sector for those Internet marketers who know exactly what they're doing.


      Then there is the whole section of SEO experts and consultants who command high prices for positioning companies or products in the top positions on the major search engines. Acquiring organic Top 10 search results will greatly determine the profitability of your online product or company.


      5. Affiliate Marketing. One of the least understood, yet one of the most profitable forms of Internet marketing is affíliate marketing. An online marketer can join any affíliate program and promote its products or services on the Internet. You market the products, find customers for the company and receive a commission for each sale you make from your marketing efforts. These commissions can run anywhere from 2% to over 75%. One affíliate click can earn you anywhere from a few cents to several hundred dollars.


      Major third party affíliate programs or companies such as Commission Junction, Clickbank, LinkShare, Amazon, Shareasale... act as a brokerage or go-between, representing thousands of Top Brand companies such as Sony, Apple, Dell... to online affíliate marketers. Marketers can join a program such as Commission Junction or LinkShare and be able to promote and market hundred of top quality products or services online. They can consolidate their affíliate marketing through these third party programs.


      Perhaps the most common business model for the majority of online marketers is the last example, or a combination of advertising and affíliate sales. Many work-from-home professionals have adopted this business model. They have created a site or sites on the topic that interests them and of which they have or have gained some expert knowledge.


      Once these sites become established and gather a large amount of targeted web traffíc each day, making a nice income can only be a matter of putting the Google Adsense code on their pages and placing a few appropriate affíliate links on their sites.


      The more traffíc these marketers deliver to their sites, the more income they earn. The more unique content they create, the more income they earn. The more web sites they design, the more income they earn.


      What many people outside of the web marketing field fail to realize is that the Internet is a 24/7/365 business. The Internet is always on and working for you. It is automatically producing income for you 24 hours of the day - while you're sleeping, while you're enjoying a nice meal with friends, or even while you're on vacatíon.


      Internet marketing can provide you with a lifestyle that is totally liberating - you can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be the boss, set your hours and work from the comfort of your home. Plus your whole online Internet business can be automated so it basically runs itself.


      Internet marketing is totally flexible. You can adjust your workload to suit your work habits. Internet marketing is scalable, once you have learned how to make your first dollar; it is only a simple matter of repeating and scaling up what you did to earn that dollar. Computers and the Internet make it just as easy to handle a thousand sales as it is to handle one sale.


      As Internet marketing becomes better known, it will gradually earn more and more respect. It will become a well recognized profession that many will aspire to and follow as a life long career. Mainly because Internet marketing will give you the freedom rarely seen in any other profession.


      It offers you mobility, a high standard of living, and a working environment that can't be beat. It gives you the freedom to follow your interests and hobbies; all the while turning those interests into viable revenue streams that supports the lifestyle of your choosing.


      When it is all said and done, earning a living just doesn't get any better than this
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Where would you rank viral marketing? That may not be the official term, but a current example would be all the political YouTube videos that people send to everyone on their mailing lists to market a presidential candidate. I have seen new cars, television programs, books, fashion, sporting goods, etc. marketed this way. Basically, the business creates something (usually entertaining, amusing, inspiring, shocking, etc.) and puts it in the in-boxes of people they know are interested, hoping they will forward it by e-mail to all of their like-minded colleagues. Some of these "campaigns" have started with a mailing list of only a few hundred and reached several million people within days.
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              iventures Adventurer
              Word of mouth advertising, or viral marketing, is a different beast. I admit it. The term "viral marketing" is offensive. Call yourself a Viral Marketer and people will take two steps back. I would. "Do they have a vaccine for that yet?" you wonder. A sinister thing, the simple virus is fraught with doom, not quite dead yet not fully alive, it exists in that nether genre somewhere between disaster movies and horror flicks.


              Accept this fact. Some viral marketing strategies work better than others, and few work as well as the simple strategy. But below are the six basic elements you hope to include in your strategy. A viral marketing strategy need not contain ALL these elements, but the more elements it embraces, the more powerful the results are likely to be. An effective viral marketing strategy:


              1. Gives away products or services
              2. Provides for effortless transfer to others
              3. Scales easily from small to very large
              4. Exploits common motivations and behaviors
              5. Utilizes existing communication networks
              6. Takes advantage of others' resources
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              affiliatesun Wayfarer
              Great Post with in-depth details!

              Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming an extremely profitable business as you said. I have been hit and miss with Affiliate Marketing and am now down to two products. I used PPC on Google and that is NOT a good way to go. You need a Landing Page in order to be successful promoting a product. People generally buy the product on their 2nd or 3rd look at it. With PPC, your getting their first look so your not going to get any sales.

              I now used Direct Matches to promote my products and programs. It is an amazing business community that is becoming more popular by marketers and entreprenuers in every aspect of business. A great thing about this site is that it is MRM, so your promoting your business to others who are interested or working with people with similar businesses.

              To started my affiliate learning with Wealthy Affiliates. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to become affiliate marketers. The resources and teaching is unbelievable! Some of the top affiliate marketers on the web started at Wealthy Affiliates.

              I give discounts to people who sign up under me at Wealthy Affiliates. The resources are something you will not find anywhere else.

              I do not want money to get in the way of people becoming successful! That is why I am always on here helping businesses out with the cash advance service I work for also.

              Once again, GREAT post IVENTURES!
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                In addition to the "viral" question I asked, how about e-mail marketing? Where does that fit in?

                When I woke up this morning, did I plan to buy a product that I didn't even know existed from a company I'd never heard of before to address a problem that I didn't know I had? Absolutely not, but I just did exactly that . . . because of a very effective e-mail newsletter. I certainly wouldn't have gone to the store to get this product, searched on-line for it, or clicked on an ad promoting it. In fact, a direct and knowledgeable word-of-mouth referral is probably the only other thing that would have induced me to consider it.
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                    iventures Adventurer
                    Great question!!! Here is what I think- If you (consumer) ended up buying stuff that you were not planning to the as an business I have done a tremendous job of marketing-In a product innovation approach, the company pursues product innovation, then tries to develop a market for the product (which most of the companies today are doing). It is claimed that if Thomas Edison depended on marketing research he would have produced larger candles rather than inventing light bulbs.
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                    iventures Adventurer
                    While many see social network websites (hidden form of viral marketing) as playgrounds to escape from reality, others see them as money making opportunities. By creating and networking with quality connections, people are discovering how much money can be made.

                    That opportunity potential is why many businesses have set up pages on the leading Social Network sites. Charities have done likewise in an effort to connect with people who could become contributors. Politicians at all levels have made having a Social Network page a rule rather than an exception. They all have realized that a strong "people connection" can quickly become a money earning connection.

                    The surprising truth is that this income earning opportunity is open to all. The Social Network sites have built a money making outlet for everyone. It's waiting for the person to sign up and tailor their ready made spot the way that they want. While the vast majority use it to reflect their personality, likes and passions the mind that's focused on making money has an entirely different opportunity.