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    More Effective Marketing and Lower Costs!

    whynotdesign Newbie
      If you are like many companies trying to figure out how to stay afloat in the economy, this may be for you.

      When the economy begins to have issues and your company has to tighten it's belt, what do you cut first?
      Companies that choose to cut out their marketing usually are out of business within a year. In fact when things are tight you should increase your marketing to capitalize on as much potential business as possible. provides a solution that will lower your costs as well as make your marketing more effective. follows the new Marketing 2.0® model that is becoming the new standard for companies that provide services like web development, graphic design/print collateral and marketing services.

      If your company could have all of its web development/hosting, print collateral and marketing department in one single place at the cost of less than a single employee than this is the solution for you. Get set up on a plan that is right for your company or customize it to tailor it to your needs. Marketing 2.0® plans cover a full range of services for a monthly fee that are only a phone call or an email away.
      Here is a sample of one of our Idenity Plans:

      Brand Identity Plan - $799.00/mo (special introductory price available until the end of the year)
      • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Marketing development including Social Networking, e-Newletters, Press Releases and more
      • Creation of display ads (i.e. yellow pages ad, magazine/newspaper ad)
      • Graphic Design needs like Logos, Business Cards, Banners and more
      • Web Development services including design, hosting, email, maintenance and forms
      • Multimedia components like Audio/Video, Flash®, Podcasting, Photo Galleries and more
      • Language Translation Implementation. Make you company multicultural. Over 100+ languages available.
      • Marketing Tools

      Visit for more information on plans like these.