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    Can Someone Work From Home And Make Money From IPR?

    ipmentor Wayfarer
      I believe they can because it is already being done, but I'd be interested in hearing your view. By IPR I mean Intellectual Property rights - managing them, trading them, transacting them with others. IPR is a huge industry - some organizations put it near $100 billion/year but that number seems to leave out a lot of IPR transactions, so it is probably much higher. It takes no special equipment, just knowlege and access, both of which can be picked up by someone interested enough to make the effort.

      My business partner and I created a 100% FREE ecourse entitled, "What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Intellectual Property In A Meltdown Economy" to help people become familiar with IPR and its relevance to their own situation. It's free and you can access it at yourproductmade dot com.

      Seems like anyone trying to figure out whether they should start a business to supplement or replace lost income should know whether innovation plays an important role in their business and how they can make the most of it.

      Your thoughts?