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    Working capital needed

    rambon Newbie
      I own a startup franchise< 1 year in operation and need working capital. Can anyone direct me to a funding source?

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          Princekellyn Newbie
          Greetings . Regards to your advert about Working capital needed, I wish to bring to your
          notice my interest to partner with you on this great business opportunity. I am Mr. Sheikh Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum from Dubai International Finance Holdings. I am running a family business, I wish to continue all communications with you via this email address, as I intend to make an anonymous investment in this your offer, provided you can guarantee the security of my investment capital in your company. Please kindly furnish me with full business details and proposal for a Joint Venture partnership with you. I am looking forward for a good working relationship with you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Working capital needed, Welcome

            Who are you?? Where are you?? What kind of franchise??

            Have you developed a Business Plan??

            How much Working Capital?? and for How Long??
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                rambon Newbie
                Hi my name is Tiger. Below is my business description:




                Franchise Offers Homeowners a Sneak Peak at Solutions for Closets, Pantries, Laundry Rooms, Garages, Home offices and Mudrooms


                TAMPA, FL - Closet Tailors, part of the Home Franchise Concepts family of companies that includes Budget Blinds, offers service in the Upper Tampa Bay Area.


                "For many people having a place for everything and everything in its place is a dream," said Tiger Newkirt, owner and operator of Closet Tailors of Upper Tampa Bay. "Closet Tailors offers storage solutions for closets, pantries, garages, laundry rooms, home offices and mudrooms."


                As households and lifestyles evolve, so do the storage needs. Whether members are being added to a household or leaving to create homes of their own, there needs to be appropriate places for stuff.


                "Our specialists come directly to customers' homes to discuss the needs of the home," said Newkirt. "We then measure the space, and create a computer image for the homeowners to see and agree to before they buy. Finally, we professionally install the products when they arrive.


                "The consumer never needs to guess if they bought the right box of shelves, haul the product home from the warehouse, be concerned about taking proper measurements or even installing the product. We handle it all!"





                Closet Tailors of Upper Tampa Bay began operation in January 2008 and is owned and operated by Tampa resident, Tiger Newkirt. The company proudly serves homeowners and businesses throughout Upper Tampa BayPinellas & Hillsborough counties offering complimentary in-home estimates and consultations, computer design, professional measuring and installation of quality storage solutions for closets, pantries, garages, home offices and mudrooms. For more information on Closet Tailors of Tampa Bay please call 813-404-8858 or visit

                I have a business plan that you can review at your leisure. I'm searching for 25k in working capital.
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                    GrowthCurve Adventurer
                    I don't think you need working capital in the traditional sense. Working capital is, at least in my definition, the permanent (or semi-permament) part of long-term capital that is really used to fund the core level of short-term assets, usually accounts receivable and perhaps inventory.

                    What you're looking for is someone to fund your operating losses. Heck of a difference.

                    What do you need the money for, specifically, and how do you propose to repay it?
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                  Fortis Adventurer
                  Hi rambon,

                  Email me a bit more about your franchise and the type of funds your seeking.


                  Fortis Capital
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                    Tony3143 Newbie

                    Tony Keith. 877-700-7947 ext 1232
                    Up to 250K per location.
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                      ContactMe4Cas Wayfarer
                      I saw your posting and wanted to reach out to you ASAP.

                      I would like to talk with you at your earliest convenience, I think I have an option that help you out and have funds within 10 business days, usurally less.

                      I look forward to speaking with you soon.

                      Lynn Miller

                      My personal cell # is 207-450-5360. Report as inappropriate
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                        babsseaza Wayfarer

                        you can contact me on if you realy need an investment or a business partner,we are a family business investors,hope to hear from you soon
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                          oneprocessor Wayfarer
                          I may have a program that will be for you!
                          contact me at your convenience

                          RIGO VARGAS
                          28371 DAVIS PARKWAY SUITE 103
                          WARRENVILLE, IL 60555
                          CONTACT PHONE DIRECT LINE
                          TOLL FREE 1 888 333 5450 EXT 471
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                            oneprocessor Wayfarer
                            for rambon

                            Cash Flow products
                            Merchant Cash Advance
                            Need money for expansion, renovations, advertising or emergencies? We may be able to help you get the money you need through one of our partnerships!
                            Benefits of the program
                            Approval in as little as 24 hours.
                            No up-front fees or closing costs.
                            Easy payback process - no fixed payments.
                            Fast funding.
                            Builds business credit.
                            No collaterial or financials required!
                            Requirements for Qualification and Approval
                            You are a restaurant, retail or services business that's been in business for at least 1 year. You are in good standing with the landlord of your space, and have at least one year remaining on your lease.

                            You accept credit cards as a form of payment, and can provide current processing statements for the past six months that show at least $4,000 of transactions per month. Bank statements for the past six months are required only for large funding requests.

                            You have acceptable personal and business credit.

                            You don't have any open tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies.
                            How much funding can I qualify for?

                            The amount is based upon your total sales volume and your past business history, not your personal credit. Our partner will fund up to $300,000.

                            contact me
                            Rigo Vargas 630 812 4071
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                              brokerfuel Newbie
                              1 yr in biz can work if you have healthy business and cash flow. Only need 3 months complete biz bank stmts and 3 month credit card stmts with 1 page app.
                              Go to or call 877-962-5277
                              Thank u
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                                motherfunder Newbie
                                If you have not found funding, contact me at