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    HELP! What to do next?

    ACDesign_08 Newbie

      Hello. My name is Amanda Cantrell and I am in the beginning stages of starting my own clothing line! The name of my line is called, Amanda Cantrell Design. I am currently having all samples made from illustrations and once the samples are made, the manufacturer will produce mass quantities to be sold in stores and hopefully (fingers crossed) HSN or QVC! I have been designing since the age of 17yrs old and I love fashion! I love the feminine silhouettes of the 1950's but with the elegant added sex appeal. I love soft luxury fabrics in sultry hues.

      I would love to partner with investors that share the same love of FASHION a much as I do. I want investors that see the future and believe in my line. I might sound pretty cocky in what I want in an investor but I don't believe desperation it very appealing. Currently the garment samples are being produced, the business plan is wrapping up, and I have numerous illustrations for an investor that is seriously interested.


      I am currently operating from a free website account. To view my website and preview some of the collection I am constructing now the web address is:


      As far as location is concerned, I am operating from home. I am a junior in college and having an actual location for my business is not financially possible right now. The garments are being constructed in Savannah, GA. The only way I am financing my line right now is out of my own personal pocket. I work part-time (minimum wage) while in school so it's been extremely hard to make this happen. I have a timeline/game plan of what exactly I need to do starting out and the investment I would require would initially be $5,000.00 which would cover:

      1) Cost of having the samples made: Fabric, Labor, Shipping
      2) Producing the Garment Label & Hangtags
      3) Garments modeled & photographed

      ***So that briefly covers my game plan as of right now. What should I do now to obtain those investors?


      Thank you for your time and consideration


      -Amanda Cantrell
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          NoBullFunding Scout
          Hi Amanda,

          Congrats on your venture! For $5k you do not want an investor, as investors typically want a piece of your business. Aside from that, its on the small side for investors. You should talk to friends and family, use a credit card, or visit a peer lending site like

          Start small, see how it works, and go from there.

          Luckiest is going to tell you to develop a business plan etc, but before you go through the exercise, get your samples made and get some feedback. If you get positive feedback, then you can think about getting your ducks in a row with regards to busines plans, corp formation, and finding a professional team (accountant/attorney)
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