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    how to start up a women's clothing boutique

    success31 Wayfarer
      Hi everyone I wanted to know if someone could point me in the right directions. I am currently trying to open a clothing boutique catering to women.
      But the problem that I am having is finding wholesalers. I am in SC and I also need some assistance with designs and the process of opening the boutique. So if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
        • how to start up a women's clothing boutique

          I am in your same shoes. Right now I'm in the research stage. I found the best design program it's called Digital Fashion Pro V8 ( about $300 ). With that program you design your clothes. You need to trademark your name. Do a trademark search to see if your name is available, USPTO.GOV. Trademarking your name is about $325. You should also get in touch with someone who can make you a website. I would personally wait until you have some items to sell. You can go through a wholesaler or hire a seamstress in your area. Personally I plan on hiring a seamstress because I can work with her personally while giving someone a full time job. Then you need to get funding, find a building, decorate it....and go from there! Good luck to you :)