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    Personal Budget Coaching from No Bull Funding

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      No Bull Funding is proud to offer a new service: Personal Budget Coaching

      Why would a person need such a service? In today's world, personal finance can take a back seat to all the other responsibilities one might have. By working with a personal budget coach, you can have a professional help you develop a personal budget, find ways to cut costs, set up a savings plan, and review your credit report.

      Examples of people who can benefit from a budget coach:

      1) A person who wants to start their own business, and needs to get their personal finances in order.
      2) A person who wants to begin saving for a significant item like a house, car, or retirement.
      3) If you want to better understand your personal credit report, and understand how you can improve it.

      Why would a person need a budget coach? Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? Think of a personal coach as if you'd think of a weight watchers counselor or a personal trainer at the gym. While you might have the right idea about what you need to do, you will be more vigilant about sticking to your plan, whether its losing weight of sticking to a budget. We all know how important it is to work out and save, yet the vast majority of americans don't actually do it. Working with a personal budget coach will give you the discipline to meet your financial goals.

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