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    New business owner needs some help!

    DivasStars Newbie

      Besides a succussful business plan, what else should a new business be prepared for?
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          New business owner needs some help

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            kimbersands7 Newbie
            That's a loaded question! If I can give any advice - be as lean as possible on your expenses and keep adequate cash/credit on hand to get you through at least the first 24 months. Hire a good CPA and business attorney. Learn and keep up with your own financials - don't delegate out.

            On saving on expenses there are many businesses that will barter with you if they can use your service in exchange - I managed to barter a $9K production cost for my magazine for each issue.

            Last but not least, you are going to be hit with a million people wanting money from you - be wary of anyone that you do not know personally or was referred to help you. When someone promises that they are going to "help" you and you are not familiar with them - run in opposite direction as fast as you can!!!

            I can give you more of what "not" to do - I've experienced all of them along the way. Your going to make mistakes but as long as you learn from them and don't make the same one twice - you'll be fine.

            Best wishes and good luck!