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    Looking Beyond this Holiday Selling Season

    iventures Adventurer
      • Results of this holiday season will be precursor to 2009 retail sales
      • Expect fundamental changes in consumer behavior
      • Use the economic slowdown to build competitive advantage, differentiation & loyalty
      • More than ever, the ability to understand your consumers at an increasingly granular level will deliver the insights to drive success
        • Re: Looking Beyond this Holiday Selling Season
          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking Beyond this Holiday Selling Season

          YES life will go on Beyond this Holiday Selling Season.

          The Country will have a new President, Life is and always has been a series of adjustment. One of the most interesting things that I have discovered was the "Theory of Causation".The idea that no event is an island into itself: that everything that happens is just part of a long cosmetic chain; and each link is the results of a prior link having already occurred.

          Happy holidays, LUCKIEST