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    Loooking for Angel Investor

    deshun_501 Newbie
      Hi my name is Marcus D, Sanders and I have a small
      business/organization based in Little Rock, Ark. I am in need of
      funding for our organization;the name of our organization is Angels of
      Mercy I serve as the Executive Director and co- founder. We are a
      non-profit organization that need start -up capitol, we focus on youth
      at risk in the community we provide workshops, support groups, and
      seminars on substance abuse, drug prevention, housing, employment, and
      computer classes.The web site is if you want to
      find out more about our organization.The funding we need is 50,000.That
      will go towards rehabbing our facility, transportation, staff, and
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for Angel Investor, Welcome Marcus

          Will check out your web site and give you a call later.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Do you have an operating plan that potential investors can review? Keep in mind that non-profit investors look for completely different things than angel investor who are reviewing business plans for private (for profit) start-ups -- so your strategy, plan, proposal, and presentation will need to reflect those differences (i.e., a lot of the formats and advice you'll find here and elsewhere on-line for pitching to angel investors is geared toward profit-driven deals, and won't apply in your case). Best wishes.