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    Some lose weight; I make money!

    Scappa Adventurer

      Weight Inhibition Composite (WIC Compound)


      The problem


      There are two basic ways to lose unwanted, unhealthy weight -- either you reduce greatly your energy intake in a constant and steady manner, or you increase to a great extent your energy burning up habits also in a constant and steady manner. If you are not already applying one of these options, chances are that you will never do! However, if you, for whatever reason, can't accommodate to your lifestyle one of these behaviors, then WIC, a natural appetite curbing biomass compound, will help you to achieve results and to control your appetite within healthy, safe, and sound levels. This new concept on natural weight loss does work. The results are often dramatic, and this natural vegetation filament-based compound is much safer than most pharmaceutical weight loss drugs.


      The product


      WIC is a weight loss solution that works naturally, without drugs and/or chemicals, and conduct to a steady loss of weight in a healthy and safe manner, with no negative health side effects. WIC has no added caffeine, pyruvate, ephedra, ephedrine alkaloids, synephrine, hormones, guarana, ginseng, or any invigorating amino acids, and it works without stimulants. WIC comes in different modes for its use: as pills, as food additive, as drink additive, as power snack. WIC offers many health benefits that other drugs and products lack, and it does not develop any dependency or habit conditioning.


      How it works?


      The pill is made of an assortment of natural fibers, plant extracts, and a selection of biomass components from members of the multifarious plants' genus, including vitamins and other crop of bio-components. The WIC pill will produce the sensation of being stuffed. The microfiber and other biomass components will absorb large quantities of humidity (water) from within your body, and timely will distend in the process. This will produce a very slow-paced digestion of the multi-mass diversified fibers amalgam that will last for several hours, because of the sturdiness of the fibers. The effect is that the patient will lose his/her desire to eat. This composite renders results in a short term, but it is a long term program that works safely with no negative side-effects. There are positive side-effects, though! You will drink A LOT of water because WIC will make you severely thirsty, and the microfiber content will make your bowel functions very regular.


      The market


      Weight loss is exceptionally difficult and the prevalence of stoutness in the United States is increasing at disturbing rates. Overall, 64% of men and 70% of woman are overweight to some anomalous degree, and out of that, 32% of men and 36% of women are plain OBESE. The most alarming flag is that there is a recorded 33% of MORBID OBESITY in children. These children will die from obesity-related problems BEFORE their parents do. This leads this legion of frustrated, overweight people to search for a fast weight loss drug, a miracles' weight loss diet or program, or any type of weight loss product that works for them. This yields a current market of over 192 million clients only in the US alone that spent over $54 billions a year on this sort of products. Also, the fact that herbal diet pill market place isn't regulated; it represents an extra business prospect.


      This is another business opportunity available within the next 6 months. If you are interested in exploring this business angle, joint the conversation, and find out more about WIC.