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    Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant!

    Lo_allison Newbie

      Hey Everyone,

      I want to start my own Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. However, i'm short in money. So, my question is, does anyone know if there is any lender/credit card/bank that will let you borrow up to 100,000? Please let me know. Any advice help!


      Best wishes,


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant!, Welcome

          Where do you want to start your own Restaurant??

          Who are you?? Do you have a location?? How about a Business Plan??

          How long do you need the funds for??

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              Lo_allison Newbie
              Hello Luckiest,

              I'm a graduate of University of California, Berkeley. I and my partner both wanted to start our own Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley, near my school. I found two locations that are very close to my school and therefore, easy access to students. We have been thinking of opening our own restaurant for about two years now. We already have a Business Plan. In fact, we have the memu ready too. As for the funds, I need it for about 6 months.