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    Opening a Bakery in Roseburg Oregon

    jdey213 Newbie

      My name is Justin. I have this strong willed desire to open a bakery where we live here in Oregon. I grew up working in my fathers bakery and can bake up some pretty awesome items. I am so focused on this I can't imagine doing something else for I know I will be successfull. There is but one other bakery here and it's on the out side of town and they seem to do really well. Something I have noticed is that noone is getting there items to other local vendors like coffee shops, minute markets, restaurants and so forth!!! There is a huge market for this. I have a small business plan, a good possible location, but no money. My wife just graduated with her Masters and is now an English Teacher at the Highschool here and while she went thru school we were not able to keep up on bills and I feel our credit is shot. I am looking for someone to take a chance on me. Maybe someone knows something I don't? My dream seems so close yet so far away. Advice?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Opening a Bakery in Roseburg Oregon, Welcome Justin

          I have been to Portland, You are south of there.

          Do you have a location in mind?? I would like to read your business plan.

          How much do you need?? How soon?? and for how long??

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            MrCrusty Wayfarer
            My sympathy goes out to you because it took me over 40 years to get my own bakery.

            As a professional baker for over 50 years I have seen many things happen to our profession. The worst thing to hit our trade are supermarkets.

            You said you worked in your fathers bakery growing up and you know what it is you want to do.

            Go work for the competition in your area. Get to know his products ask him if he would offer you some training. Maybe he'll even sponser you in return to expanding his own business to a new area with you in charge.

            There is an Australian business that does just that sort of thing. But I don't think they are in the states yet.

            You might get more info from
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              mygenieforyou Adventurer

              Go for your dream!!!!!

              Here's an idea on how to market your bakery. I found a really cool tool that allows you an extremely low cost way of marketing. You can download it for FREE and just take a look at how you can give these same downloads for free to people you know and every time they do a search online your business name comes up right along side walmart, ebay, buy, target, amazon, etc!!

              Here's the direction:

              Let me know how you do! Dan