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    Looking for a savy, creative, Webdesigner

    Spartucus Wayfarer
      Looking for an individual who has creative as well as technical savy, it seems hard to find both characteristics in one individual in this field unless you work with a team of designers who specialize in one area... and this gets too expensive.

      I'm working with a decent budget, but not a blank check. I want someone who can help me achieve my vision without breaking the bank.

      I would appreciate any recomendations.
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          websolutions Tracker
          Hi Spartucus, I can help, please visit: and check out the packages I have available.

          Thank you,
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            easyfreewebde Wayfarer

            I think we meet your criterias. We are we offer FREE website design for business's that host the website on our server for $19/month. All sites are custom designed to give your company the online edge you need to succeed. We don't charge any money for the design, so you can save the money you budgeted for this project and use it to market your business. The $19 per month charge gets you more then just hosting, you also get great ongoing support and webmaster assistance. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you Ed 1-888-300-1691
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              intechspecial Ranger

              Spartucus -


              Welcome to the community.


              My company offers just what you are looking for.


              Please go to my company home page:


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                INTELLI Wayfarer
                I can help you achieve your goals. I am chief architect for over 15 years and a looking for freelance work. I have a number of different approaches to provide affordable site design and management, using new technologies. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss further what you are looking to achieve. You can reach me at Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
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                  bigcloudmedia Adventurer
                  Good day Spartucus,

                  I just wanted to offer our services to you. My company is Big Cloud Media and we design / develop and support websites and web-based solutions for businesses. Being both a designer and a developer, perhaps I can assist you with your project. I work primarily with small businesses who don't have unlimited funding for their projects, so our prices don't break any banks.

                  Check us out at I would like to share some ideas with you if you wouldn't mind sharing your vision with me. Please contact me at if you are interested.

                  Thank you for your posting and have a wonderful day.

                  Koji Flowers
                  Big Cloud Media
                  "We don't just build websites, we open doors."
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                    incredibill Newbie

                    This is my first posting and I'm happy to see this kind of community at BoA.

                    I am a versatile developer with experience in website and graphic design, programming, and databases. Here is a list of technologies I'm fluent in:
                    .NET (ASP, VB, and C#)
                    PHP and MySQL
                    MSSQL 2000-2008

                    I provide effective and affordable web and marketing solutions as well as custom software to meet specific needs. I also provide domain registration and web hosting. Contact me if you are in need of database work but don't have a budget for a full-time DBA.

                    The link to my website is

                    It needs to be updated with more recent clients but here are a few I'm working on now:
           (an advertising site, similar to Yellow Book)
           (a subdomain on my site for now but a work in progress for a local electrician)

                    I've done custom projects for Ford Motor Company and other companies too that required integrations to other departments and existing technologies.

                    I hope I can be of service and understand and will work with you in these trying times.


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                      GoinsDigital Newbie
                      Hey whats up Spartucus,
                      I'd like to hear what you have in mind and get an idea about your project in vision. If you woudn't mind shooting me an email at
                      I'd love to see what you are looking to acheive...

                      I guess it would help to assure you I have a web development team that specializes in what you are describing.. I like to build with the person and see his vision before i start making promises. Just being honest with you, I never take on anything that we couldnt handle..If you would like to further discuss your vision, feel free to shoot me an email again at
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                        Webmaster Newbie
                        Hello Spartucus,

                        If you are looking for an tech-savvy individual and team to handle your web site development then look to The Success Agency, Inc. We will meet and exceed your expectations all within you budget.

                        We have a dynamic staff with experience in Web design, Information
                        Technology, Business Applications, Business Process, Advertising,
                        Marketing, Media Relations, Customer Relationship Management, and
                        Internet Search Marketing.

                        Please visit our web site at to get a brief overview of our company then please contact us and we can give a you preview of projects currently under development in our "Sandbox Server" and provide you with references that can vouch for our quality of work and professionalism.

                        In addition to web design and IT we bring a full gamut of business process and marketing consultation which are provided to our clients as value added services.

                        We have helped multiple companies bring their business and brand vision to the World Wide Web and we look forward to doing the same for you.

                        Sincerely yours,

                        The Success Agency
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                          lilvaldivia Newbie
                          Hi Spartucus,
                          I work alone, my company Lil Signs & Designs has been in business since 1992. My latest completed project:, which is mine and still adding to it, and is in progress. Owner is still adding pictures.

                          Sorry, I don't have much on my profile yet, just signed up for this community.

                          Thank you for your time and consideration.

                          God Bless
                          Lil Signs & Designs
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                            leolazarus Wayfarer

                            We are a pair that cosists of a designer and a coder(it also helps that we are neighbors and also are crazy enough to have four kids each) which makes us not only techie and savy but also border line insane. With that said, what we offer is a low cost solution to your specific needs. The way we approach any potential client is with a sample of the website that they would like to see. Provide us with some information containing the vision for your site(color schemes, functionality, business logic(is there a process that needs to be encapsulated with in the site), content management, and so on. We certainly pride ourselves on reaching the level that our client desires. Send us some info and we will gladly put together a sample site specific to your idea, and from there you can decide if you would like to pursue our relationship. We do appreciate your time and hope to work further with youl on this project. Thanks .
                            Leo Lazarus
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                              alharlow Newbie

                              iNamics is a Microsoft certified, Cleveland IT firm that provides website development services to companies throughout the US. Some examples of our on-going projects and customers are and (we did not design this website but created their web application), where all their web services have been written by us and are now are hosted and supported by iNamics. We are also the "services-of-choice" for Charter Schools and Public Transportation companies here in Cleveland and beyond, among other things.


                              We are in the midst of updating our site, but please browse our site for more information at We have many services and products any new or growing company can use. Our additional value is that we're an entire solution for our customers; not just a superior web design and Internet marketing company.

                              We are unique in that we also own our own data facility. This puts us in complete control of the DNS, among other distinct advantages for our clients.

                              I'd be happy to discuss more about your needs and how our products and service perhaps can help you. My phone is (216) 916-0196, extension 3015, or email me at


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                                SpartanWarior Wayfarer
                                Disclaimer: I run p2w2.

                                Please consider p2w2. I have given a brief about it here:

                                ( p2w2 (for PeopleToWorkWith)
                                is an online marketplace for services like writing (e.g. business plans, blog
                                posts, books), software, research, software, tutoring, graphic design (logos,
                                cards), virtual assistance, accounting (e.g. financial planning, book keeping),
                                etc. p2w2 will enable offshoring 'short services' that individuals and small
                                businesses in the US, Canada and Australia by connecting them with service providers
                                (individuals and small businesses) in US and India.

                                Samples of professionals registered on p2w2:

                                Why p2w2?
                                1. High quality experience: Right
                                from interface to professionals on p2w2, we provide high quality experience. We
                                screen professionals who register
                                on p2w2 to make sure you talk to only professionals who know what they are
                                doing. We call every person who
                                registers on p2w2 to verify his/her credentials and make sure they articulate
                                enough about what they do.

                                2. Better collaboration tools: We
                                have user friendly collaboration tools (like version control file sharing
                                system, one-click edits, time saving 'voice project description'
                                and voice issue tracker, task assignment etc.) all of which save a lot of time,
                                and help buyers and professionals work productively.

                                3. Better success rate: Projects
                                posted on p2w2 have a higher success rate because we assist buyers understand
                                what they need and how to get what they want. Similarly, we help professionals
                                negotiate, schedule, and exceed buyer's expectations. There are many other
                                small but important features (like ability to figure out professional's
                                willingness to provide services on a 'work-for-hire' basis, and ready-to-use
                                NDA (non-disclosure agreements) that help increase the success rate of projects
                                posted on the website.

                                These are just samples of how p2w2 is different. There are many other features
                                (like dashboards, easy navigation, good blog ( etc. that help create a trust worthy and
                                efficient marketplace for services. Click here to register (
                                and post a project.If you have any
                                questions, please reply or call me at +16304451049 or at +919963487000
                                (available between 7 am - 10 am EDT)

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                                  LoveMarketing Newbie
                                  What is your line of business? What are key elements you are looking for in your site?
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                                    ChrisEaton Wayfarer
                                    Check out and tell me what you think. : )


                                    Chris R Eaton
                                    Take a Free Tour
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                                      ttback Wayfarer
                                      My interactive studio is currently looking for new clients who are interested in
                                      promotional Flash animations, advertisement and also Flash-based webistes

                                      We can offer fixed rates, reliable devliery dates, high-quality and fast developments.

                                      Our development team's portfolio is at:

                                      Please let me know if you're interested.
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                                        Anne87 Wayfarer
                                        Did you get help?

                                        Would you like to talk to my team?

                                        Let me know....
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                                          NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
                                          Hello Spartagus,
                                          I am amazed at how many people have responded to your request. From the Looks of it, you posted this thread 27 minutes ago. WOW, I am amazed at how many web designers / web developers advertise their services claiming to be the best. Or that they are professionals.

                                          I do not want to discredit any of my fellow designers / developers but there is not need to fight over a job. If you consider yourself to be the Best, there is no need for you guys to fight amongst each other. Keep focused on the Customer's requirements rather than what the last person wrote on the Forum.

                                          I am a web developer / Web Designer with over 8 years of experience in web development and design industry. Over the years I've learned various programming languages and techniques that have given me the over all advantage over my competitors. If you are looking for a web developer that will provide you with unlimited consulting and experience, I am more than happy to assist you with your project. Whether your project is big or small, I will help you allocate a budget as well as a payment plan if needed. I work with all budgets and all types of customers. Along with the development of your web site, I optimize the web site for you at no extra cost to you.

                                          Everyone knows that a well designed and developed web site needs to be optimized from the begning and while it's in development. Not afterwards...
                                          Should you want to proceed further and perhaps get free consultation with no commitment. Please feel free to contact me.
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                                              Spartucus Wayfarer
                                              I have a question...I have been chatting with one designer and they said that there is a new kind of web design protocol for lack of a better description...One that uses cascading windows CSS or something like that. Apparently it's very user friendly and easy for one to go in and change content etc. and because of the way these are designed they are inexpensive to produce.

                                              ? Can anyone give me any advice or feedback on this type of website, advantages, disadvantages etc...

                                              ? Are these types of sites easy for search engines to find/ or does it still depend on traditional alt tags etc... still...

                                              ? Why are these cheaper to produce (apparently)....

                                              ? Are they glorified template sites that are easily customizable?

                                              Many Thanks,

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                                                  NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
                                                  To be honest with you, CSS (cascading style sheets) have been around for quite some time now, but they are becoming more popular now that al major browsers support CSS, There is nothing magical about using CSS.

                                                  CSS is just a tool that allows you to sepate the look of your web site, from the content (allowing for search engines to crawl through pure content rather than Images slices and so forth.

                                                  I wouldn't say that CSS is user friendly (there is a learning curve and not knowing how to edit such files can collapse your web site (if it's table-less based design)). I think what you meant to say was that it is cross-browser friendly, with the exception of Internet Explorer 7.0 and now 8.0 beta.

                                                  The truth is that all other browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome are on the same page, except for Internet Explorer, they don't care to go along with the rest of the world, this makes a developers work much more harder, because now you have to include IE Hacks (which I don't care to do) but it's just the extra leg work.

                                                  Web Sites in CSS should not make your price go up or down, it is up to the developer and what he feels comfortable with. Although, I do argue that for accessibility purpose once should go with a full CSS table-less web site, especially if you want to be able to see it in IPHONE or PDA.

                                                  As far as Search Engines are concerned, YES, having a validated web site does increase your search engine ranking, because it has less structure to parse through. Table based layouts are more bulky and tables should only be used only if you're going to display tabular data i.e. Products.

                                                  From what I've been reading you are looking into incorporating a flash gallery? If that is your intension, make sure that it is soley to to display your pictures... but not as your primary tool to have your site developed. It will decrease your chances of indexing in the search engines. Although, Flash looks good, it can cause some serious damage if you are planning to compete in the Search Engines and against Competitors.... To have a better understanding of what a Table-less web site is, check this site out; this web site is completely in CSS no tables other than the rent to own page, just because it's tabular data... (coming from the database)

                                                  The only disadvantage that a CSS layout faces is: Depending on the end user's habits and how often they upgrade their machine is now your web site is going to render, for example if a customer is still using Internet Explorer 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0, PNG images with transaparent do not render correctly (they Look Gray-ish) and if you have a very colorful template guess what? its not going to look very colorful. There is also another issue with older IE Browsers and that is the 3-pixel jog, forcing developers to float div tags. (div tags is another aspect of CSS and table-less designs)

                                                  The advantage is: Well, everyone with an updated machine is going to appreciate your web site, search engines are going to feed off of your content much easier ** Depending if the CSS was coded correctly, aswell **.
                                                  Another advantage of having a CSS based web site is that, you can change the layout of your web site much faster than using tables.

                                                  If you are looking into having something that you can update yourself, meaning the images and verbiage I'd advise you to go with a Content Management System Such as Joomla or Word-Press (though they require that you learn how to use them) it might be your best solution. By using any of these content management systems, search engines will index your content faster for the simple reason that Search Engines love Fresh Content and if you are always updating your site, you are indexing faster because of the "time stamps" so you would have something like: last modified on: "The date", not only that, but a Content Management system allows you to Syndicate your feeds (RSS or ATOM) making your content much more richer and allowing others to feed off your site via XML (RSS) as well.

                                                  Finally, it allows you to multiple templates installed, and swap back and forth if that's what you intend to do.

                                                  I hope I've explained myself and that you gain knowledge and a brief understanding of what CSS is. I am actually writing an E-Book on "How to Choose the correct Web Designer for your project" Most of the stuff I talked on this thread can be found on the public domains, but what I wrote is based on my experince and knowledge.

                                                  I noticed that you are a photographer? Email me, I have a web site to share with you.

                                                  Your web site will only be limited to your designer / developers experince and knowledge.