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    Angel Investors


      I am asked a lot by entrepreneurs and business owners for advice on how to find and communicate with business investors to get them interested in their business. But it's not always in their budget for every entrepreneur to retain me or pay for my consulting services to help them.

      So I wanted to come up with something that would give them the benefit of my experience and help them but make it very low-cost and so affordable that anyone who wants to learn more about finding investors for their business could afford it. _And I did just that! _... the cost? ... literally pocket change!

      The value to you? Easily dozens of times the cost in saved time for you plus the benefit of the guidance and advice it gives you! Its like me spending an hour or two with you without you paying my $175 per hour rate.


      The business guide I developed based on my years of experience, is designed for fast action, quick to read and easy to use! Check it out now because on 10/27 I am going to raise the price on this very useful business guide. It will still be very affordable but why not buy now and save a few bucks?


      *If you've read some of my articles and spent time online researching sources of funding for your business; then you know that Angel Investors bankrolled some of the largest and most successful businesses in history. You know what? Your business could be funded by angel investors too! *


      If you are interested in raising capital from angel investors for your business, this Step-By-Step Guide answers the following for you:


      • Where doI start?
      • What do I tell them initially, about my business?
      • What do investors and funding sources look for in a company?
      • How doI find them?
      • What doI say to them?
      • What if I make contact but I don't hear back from them?
      • How do I follow up?
      • What are some ways that I can legally sell stock in my company to investors?


      Along with the Guide you get:


      An Initial Contact Letter Template and Follow-Up Letters Template


      These are an initial contact letter and two follow-up letters, templates that you can use when contacting potential funding sources for your business. A business professional with 26 years experience in funding, starting, buying and developing businesses crafts this letter; he knows what to say and how to say it. You can edit for your use ... over and over again.


      You also get:


      100+ Angel Investor Sites & Online Resources


      100+ Angel Investors & Online Resources (hyperlinks to their websites) in one easy to work with document; click on the link and go straight to their site. Find the ones whose interests match to your business, get their contact information from their website, send them your initial contact letter and you've made a start to find the funding you need for your business!


      *What kind of businesses do Angel & Private Investors put money into? *


      • Service businesses
      • Manufacturing businesses
      • Real estate businesses
      • Construction businesses
      • Technology businesses
      • Restaurant businesses
      • Retail businesses


      For fast action it's quick to read and easy to use! Buy Now - before the price increase.


      Immediate download; you can have this in your hands in minutes!



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