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    Chicken soup for your business plan - New business.

    Scappa Adventurer

      Greetings all,

      I am offering a "conduit" to the fearless and diehard entrepreneurs of this great community. This conduit is for them to measure their business planning against an empirical benchmark.


      The information presented and/or generated by this "program" is considered a public, unrestricted information tool unless otherwise noted, and may be distributed or copied. The appropriate and honest use of this tool is requested for your own benefit. I strongly recommend that Business Plan data be acquired directly from other validated and apposite sources that may change your views and the results of your data in some way.


      While I am making an effort to provide an accurate tool to assist you in the evaluation of your business endeavor, I am not (through this tool) making a judgment on the viability and/or possible odds of your business, or of your business idea.


      I provide no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, usefulness, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the program you are about to use voluntarily.


      I am trying to provide you with a basic guide of the points you should seriously consider in the planning and execution of your business venture, and a small snap shot of some of the important items that are required to plan a good business strategy. I am not telling you by any means how to plan, execute, and/or to run your business. You are your own "Renaissance Man" of your business future, so use the tool as you see fitting you.


      Consider this "program" my free and proud contribution to your entrepreneurial efforts and dreams.

      If you are curious and want to experiment with this contrivance of my creation, please send an email to requesting it, and I will mail you back the "program" (for free).


      So, have fun with it!
      Thank you.