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    tuberogeorge Newbie
      Hi! I am a young entrepreneur and planning to start a business in philippines. who can help me finance the business? Sure ROI business here just need a capital to start.
      please help...
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi, Who are you?? Where are you?? (in the Philippines??)

          Where do I mail the check?? and HOW MUCH??
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              tuberogeorge Newbie

              Hi Luckiest!


              I dont know what to say but believe me I feel great to when I read your message. By the way I am Jaison Fortuna from Philippines


              Yes! I'm in the Philippines, here in Clarkfield Pampanga. I'm planning to put up a water station and my target customers are the companies inside clark freeport zone. There are more than one hundred companies and there are 5 more companies soon to open. Most likely the investment I need to start this business is 4,500 USD. this amount is for the water equipments and other materials we need.
              We may not know each other but if you will trust me with the said amount I assure you I will return the money soon as it starts to earn and return the favor you gave.
              I dont know if you know landbank of the philippines but if its fine with you we can use western union to send money. How about it?
              Thanks a lot and hoping for your continous kind help.