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    Invoice import into BoA Online Business Suite

    batfastad Newbie
      Hi guys
      We're a small business that's just opened a US subsidiary with a Bank of America bank account.
      We have our main office in the UK and all our invoicing is done from there electronically via a custom intranet system (PHP/MySQL). This means we can export the data however we want

      In setting up our US subsidiary we thought it would be cool to try out the Online Business Suite to manage our accounts payables for that particular bank account. Just to keep a backup record of invoices raised and payments received
      The UK office will still raise the electronic invoices, but many payments will be routed to the US office to go into our Bank of America account.

      Rather than having to type the invoice numbers/amounts/companies into the Online Business Suite for each invoice, is there a way of importing a batch of invoices?
      The intranet system we have is incredibly flexible, so we can output the data as Excel/CSV or even through a REST/SOAP interface using XML.

      Are there any features in the Online Business Suite that can import data from external sources like this?
      Like an API/SDK or anything?

      Thanks, B