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    Recycle computers & Electronics

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      ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: Do you have computer equipment that is no longer needed? If so, we will pick up at no charge. Computers and Monitors must be Manufactured in or after the Year 2004.

      Please call now to schedule a pickup time.
      Contact Us Now CLICK HERE or call (770) 840-8220




      What We Do...




      CompuPoint USA llc.. reuses, recycles and refurbishes computers, and CompuPoint USA llc.. promotes the highest and best re-use of computer and electronic equipment. CompuPoint USA llc.. computer recycling center program takes all computers, technology, network, telephone, test equipment and cell phones, working and nonworking, and overstocks of electronic parts. Help Georgia keep unneeded waste out of our landfills.

      You can drop off your equipment at one of our events or locations, and Businesses with a truckload of items can request a business pickup.




      "LAPTOPS WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE" Donate laptops and laptop parts in Georgia and we will pickup at no charge.




      Business Pickup in Georgia

      If you are a business with 10 or more items (laptop/computer/printer) you may request a business pickup by clicking here. We will pick up any and all other computer items you have at the same time (keyboards, mice, cables, external devices, etc.). Special arrangements can be made for oversized (over 100 pound) items ie: large copiers, servers, UPS, printers/plotters, etc.

      We will contact you within 3 business days to coordinate a pickup date and details.




      FREE to Donate / Recycle / Drop-off - Georgia :



      • Laptops: laptops, parts and accessories
      • Computers: towers, desktops, portables
      • Network equipment: hubs, routers, switches, cables, boards
      • Computer Parts: hard drives, CD-ROM/DVD drives, loose PC boards
      • Software: retail packaged / sealed software
      • Flat-panel screens
      • Printer, FAX machine, Scanner model year 2006 + newer.
      • Working monitors (15" or larger)
      • Phone Systems and Phone System Phones

      *Contact Us Now *CLICK HERE** or call (770) 840-8220




      Think First :
      The bottom line is that if you really must replace your system, think before you act. Simply tossing your old system into the garbage may be the easiest way to get rid of it, but remember that doing so could have a lasting impact on the environment. Selling, donating, or at least recycling your old computer equipment is the smart way to go, and it may even make you feel better about splurging on that new system. Let's help keep our landfills free of useable electronics. Georgia will be a better place.



      Computer Equipment Donation, Computer Refurbish, Computer Reuse



      Certain groups like Goodwill Industries; have accepted older equipment and refurbishing it for resale to individuals or donation to schools and nonprofit organizations. There are also several retail stores that refurbish older electronic equipment and resell it with a warranty. Some organizations will give a small cash rebate for donating an old computer. A lot of states have programs that place computer systems with children and adults with disabilities.




      If your computer system is not worth parting, refurbishing or reusing, you can recycle it. Computer components may contain small amounts of gold, silver, and platinum in the printed wiring boards and connectors. The metal is difficult to separate from the rest of the materials, some of which may be hazardous. some electronics recycling firms, and even some state and local governments, have collection days and may be able to take your equipment-even if no one else will.




      If you would like more information about organizations near you that accept computer equipment for donation, reuse, or recycling, please visit our electronic equipment recyclers contact list.



      Call CompuPoint USA now at (770) 840-8220 or fill out our Inquiries form online to discuss how we can help you.
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