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    Attn: B2B Finance Employees

    NoBullFunding Scout
      I'm seeing lots of posts from representatives of this company. I've been to the website and am curious what the fee structure is when b2b goes out and gets a client approved for lines of credit. Can anyone from b2b help me out? I think will go a long way with members of the forum if they understand the costs involved.

      Let's say I've been in business 3 years, have a 700 credit score, and am looking for a 12 month $100K working capital line of credit. What fees would I incurr assuming you could get me approved?
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          ShelfCorp Newbie

          No Bull Funding,

          I appreciate the request for information as there have been "random" posts from individuals not employed by B2B Credit Source.

          B2B Credit Source can also be confused with other companies that use B2B in their name as well. We are a fee-based consulting firm that works with a network of over 200 brokers and private money investors who fund LOC based on corporate profiles. We safely and legaly acquire "clean" Nevada Corporations then transfer ownership to our clients. We contract with former D&B credit profile managers that build fundable corporate profiles. We maintain a team of staff to process state transfers, foreign status (non-Nevada resident), and name change filings. Our personal credit team will evaluate and confirm ability to meet personal guarantee requirements. All clients will go through the credit repair process to prevent any funding delays.

          Our standard $17,000 program will produce a "built to fund" package resulting in a LOC from $150,000 to $250,000 in 60-90 days. We do not require a business plan and are ideal for infant and start-up businesses with little or no collateral.

          Anyone viewing this forum may contact me directly with any questions.

          Good Selling to ALL!

          Kian Ramsay
          800-906-7706 x219