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    Any Direct Lenders Here?

    PiperE Wayfarer
      I am probably looking in the wrong place, but here goes... I am a business finance broker. Among my clients are two very interesting companies that are seeking funds. Both have products make a positive contribution to man. One company is 4 years old with revenues currently at $1MM, and projected revenue of $45MM by 2012. They are seeking approximately $350K in working capital. Next year is a big year for revenue and they just need capital until the contracts come in. The other company is new with a very strong worldwide disaster relief product that already has a $13MM order from Mexico with approximately $50MM in orders to follow. They are seeking $5MM

      I am not looking for factoring type financing. Nor am I interested in having to work through a broker unless you allow direct communication with the lender. I would like to see what is out here in the way of debt financing and am open to other options as well.

      I also have several strong franchise financing opportunities for lenders as well.

      Paula Serber
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Any Direct Lenders Here?? Welcome Paula

          You are a business finance broker from California. How long have you been in this line of business??
          Is this your business or do you work for somebody?? What is your track record??

          When clients come to you, do they have a Business Plan already developed for you to read?? Or do you help them develope the Plan??

          Another question is what is the normal PAY BACK period of time??

          Thanks LUCKIEST
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            affiliatesun Wayfarer

            I believe I can help. Send me an e-mail and I'll send you a full detail report on my service.

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                GrowthCurve Adventurer
                For those of us unfamiliar with this kind of financing, please explain this:

                "We give interest free money to just about any business looking to grow."

                Is this a merchant cash advance? I have never seen one that was interest free. Quite the contrary.
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                  stephan360 Newbie
                  hello im stephan shafer just browsing the blogg in need of help with start up loan. its for a family fun center it will be the only one of its kind in my city with a population of over 100,000. its including 18 hole course of black light mini golf, arcade, balladium which is a black light foam cannon arena and a laser maze, small deli/snack bar and arcade. free play area for children under 12. i have excellent credit at the age of 23 i havnt been building credit no more than a few years now. is that a proble? my score is well above the 700 range. im working on my business plan as of now i have two property leasing possibilities and i just sent floor plans to my family fun center designer to plott out and price. im working on this project with my mother who is a self employed licensed cpa and her husband who also has his own business. we are looking to act fast before the real estate properties lease to someone looking for help in the direction of a small business loan of some sort of loan in the 300,000 to 500,000 range or any information is verry help full. thanks for your time
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                  GrowthCurve Adventurer


                  The first one does not sound like a debt opportunity, especially if there's no collateral.

                  It's also going to be a tough story to tell that a company is going to go from $1 million in sales to $45 million in four years. It just doesn't happen often, and in some cases such aggressive growth is the cause of a company's undoing as opposed to its success.

                  Since the company already has revenue, they've proven that someone, somewhere will pay for the product or service. That's a pretty huge accomplishment. It just sounds to me like this $350,000 will have to come from an equity investor. I can't see anyone doing this on a straight debt basis.


                  The second one...I don't have enough information to say. When you say "Mexico," do you mean the government or a company in Mexico?


                  If they have a $13 million order, how were they planning on fulfilling the order?


                  Have you looked at ?
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                    GreenDanny Newbie
                    I'm new to the forum so please pardon any errors in posting. It appears the only way to post on a topic is in response to a previous post. Oh well...

                    I am having a difficult time acquiring funding for a state of the art Green building project. I live in Microsoft land where the techie demographic is high and welcoming of highly rated Green homes. I am a builder and my bank, B of A, won't touch me. much of our tax dollars are they getting to prop up their business and they won't take a chance on a burgeoning new industry which creates and keeps jobs in America.

                    That's capitalism for loyalty but to the bottom line. Meanwhile entrepeneurs like myself are committed to creating regional based economies which can trade on a global scale as opposed to a global economy which holds dominion over all regions and becomes "too big to aloow to fail" so they end up getting us both ways. They steal our markets when times are good and when times are bad they steal our tax dollars.

                    I'm looking for funding from a person/entity committed to strengthening the economy here at home and investing in Green Building. The use of local and sustainable products will not only firm up our regions but also allow for the creation of exportable Green technologies.

                    My current project is simple. I am trying to obtain funding to construct and market a 2100 square foot LEED Platinum single family residence. I can build it for the same cost per square foot as a traditional structure. I am forgoing all claims to profit margin so as to position myself favorably with an investor. This will better allow me to acquire funding for the foloow up project which will be a cluster ( 5 - 15 ) LEED Platinum homes in a community setting with 100% sustainable features.

                    If anyone is interested in this or would like more information please feel free to reply and I will email a proposal.

                    Thank you.
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                      sathyan Newbie
                      I dont think there is a direct lenders which could help you but i can suggest you something like the one in the link but dont know how far could it help you.

                      <a href="" rel="dofollow">Home Loans</a>