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    Alternatives for funding? Angel investors? Where do i get $?

    been_there Newbie
      Okay, been in fashion business a long, long time. Post 9.11however, we decided to take our Bridal Fashion to the internet. We have grown very quickly and I am wearing more that 30 hats a day - which stunts growth.
      Our Gross Profit is 63% and we net approximately 45% - the potential for the business is a 10% stake in the internet purchases done by brides each week which is around 60,000 units.

      BUT no one gets fashion - they just don't. I have tried unsucessfully to merge with a larger company who can use the niche market that I have captured but I feel like Gilda Ratner, you know, running against the wall in a Brownie Uniform. We have a georgous product and customers come back to me and are continually spreading the word. I have tried business brokers to no avail.

      The ROI is immediate although cyclical, with potential for sales over $10 million within 3-5 years.... but I did $300k this year and nearly killed myself doing by myself (okay I have a factory). I don't see my kids, family, have a life....most importantly, enjoy my life. BUT I love what I am doing - so much that I have been doing it longer than most in the industry. When we sold to stores we did well over $3m but with far less profit, and now that I sell direct and to only a few stores I have money in the pocket.
      Wondering, how do you get to the next place in the Fashion Business. Is there anyone out there who specializes in Brokering for the Fashion world?

      And no, I do not want to get a loan. I had approached local angel investors and investigated the network but they sure want technology businesses. I want to partner with someone and have them buy in - someone who has the business acumen to RUN the business and let me be the creative.
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          NoBullFunding Scout
          Hi been_there,

          It sounds like you have thought of this, but listing with a business broker is a good place to start.

          In terms of something more out of the box...Have you thought about buying a list, and marketing the business to potential suitors? has all sorts of lists, so I'm assuming you can whittle it down to certain business types in a specific geographic area. Maybe you can prepare a little fact sheet to get them interested, maybe even set up a website that showcases your business. People may be leery of why you are pitching your business unsolicited, but if you can explain you want a better work/life balance, who knows...