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    How to get business- Holiday Decorating Service

    Scott7985 Wayfarer
      I own a holiday decorating service that is in it's second year now. Last year we had pretty good success and used mainly craigslist and referrals to get more customers. We decorate only the outside of homes. This year we want to be targeting neighborhoods to do the entrances and clubhouses as well as the homeowners. Does anyone have any thoughts on how we should reach these people to get the business? Any thoughts on who else we should be targeting? Thanks for your comments.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Holiday Decorating Service

          SCOTT, If this was my holiday business and I wanted to expand, I would do the following.

          Develop a Marketing Plan. I can help with the plan.

          Start with last years success. Contact last years customers, offer discount coupons
          and something FREE (everybody loves FREE) for referrals and or new business.

          Contact your local newspaper and see if you can get a writer to develop a human interest story about you, your business and what you are doing to make this a happier holiday. (even if you have to sponser an activity)

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            One option might be to package in some other simple service that requires the same equipment and property access that you'll have anyway (services that your customers are unlikely to perform for themselves) -- for instance, cleaning gutters or caulking/screening the cracks and holes in gables, eaves, fascia boards, etc. to keep out moisture, rodents, and other pests.

            A customer who is "on the fence" about decorating or not (or a customer who is considering who to hire) would probably be more likely to give you the job if they could also get something practical and necessary done at the same time for very little more money.

            Hope that helps. Best wishes.