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    Why we built them

    zookfind Wayfarer
      Have you ever wondered about the reliability or impartiality of the information your favorite Internet Search Engine shows up with? Have you asked yourself what more could you have found? More important - what did you miss? Who paid for first position in the list of search results displayed? Were you aware that just because someone is at the head of the results list doesn't necessarily mean that theirs is the best information for you.

      The Internet explosion and the dramatic growth of convenience technology, in general, have blurred the lines between fact and fiction. As a cyber-society, we seem comfortable in the belief that, "if it's on the internet, then it must be truth." We don't doubt that there are those out there who "spin" information to their advantage, but it is still our responsibility to do due diligence and search under every last rug rather than believing the first thing we see. Integrate the preponderance of home-based wireless technology, the diversity in types and genres of information sought, and might agree with us that the importance of Internet search results has taken a giant leap forward. After hours searching for just that right article, picture or video, we realized the importance of being able to search all of the engines at the same time. Personal experience has shown that only then could we contrast and compare and be certain that the information settled on was reliable, well . . . perfect! With that frame of reference, Eu13 Corporation came into being.

      Eu13 contracted some of the best code writers in the business, and built a powerful engine capable of simultaneously searching Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask. The results were astounding. The engine bases its searches on key-word relevance. Instead of delivering advertisements, or links to sites that lead nowhere, the comprehensive results offer a degree of credibility and reliability not currently available. Features, such as related searches, automatic spelling correction, search result history for quick reference, have all been incorporated in the engine. Zookfind goes through regular tweaks so that our intention to open the entire world to you, not just a part of it, becomes reality. In our cyber opinion, if you're going to search - why not search it all?

      Zookfind also offers Zookfind Web Services. Users now have access to the greatest networked collection of the most sought-after web-based tools. Features like email, web hosting, design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) are all there for the asking. Have a desire to become a blogger? We have solutions there for you too.

      But that's not all. We've expanded our search engine platform into the travel arena. Welcome, FastMoose, a full service travel site designed to vest control squarely in the user's hands. The result - more extensive information, more choice, more reliability, better results. We merged our platform with the travel industry and FastMoose has met the challenge after rigorous and repeated tests. The user now has the ability to search all travel-related deals simultaneously through Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire and so on. Search results are broken down in a way that allows comparison of each travel web sites' offerings, as the user seeks out air, hotel or car rental travel options. We also take great pride in our assisted-traveler and handicap-accessible travel options and adventures.

      Finally, to round out the coverage, Eu13 created and launched The principle is simple and user reaction has been gratifying. When you're tired of tapping away on the keyboard, searching and using a keyboard, allows users a time tested way to search . . . point and click!