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    Feed back of web site.

    dieselparts Newbie
      Hello everyone! Would like to have an honest feed back of our web site.
      The site is

      Thank you.
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          websolutions Tracker
          i like the site but the red background gave me headache. Sorry, I would not spend too much time on it because of the color. When you check your website stats and see a high bouncerate, this is most likely why.

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              Iwrite Pioneer
              The red is a little too much, a deeper, richer hue of red might work better.

              I always have a problem with the use of space - you have all this space and your information is in a tiny box in the middle. If you expanded the size of the box you could include logos from parts companies and/or pictures of parts. I don't think you need more words, and I'm a writer. I think it is okay the way it is but a couple of minor tweaks and it could be very good.

              I would like to know something about who I am getting my parts from. Reliability is a major concern in the parts business (I worked on Dana automotive advertising for a while), customers are going to want to know if you stand behind what you sell.

              Also, you could more than likely get some co-op dollars for featuring parts companies' logos on the bottom of your homepage. Don't display a manufacturer's logo without some real form of payment.

              Hope this helps.
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                  dieselparts Newbie


                  Thank you for the input on the site. This site was dedicated for sellers and buyers of diesel parts; by part numbers from all over the world. We do not sell one particular brand name.

                  Once on the site was that message being delivered. If not what changes would you recommend.

                  Once again thank you for all your suggestions.

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                  dieselparts Newbie
                  Thank you for the color situation. Any color suggestion.
                  Thanks again.
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                  John_6x6 Adventurer
                  I agree, the red background has got to go. Also, you should look for someone to properly search optimize this site because your home page isn't setup for your main topic at all. And I guess the biggest burning question comes to mind -- why would you allow a web designer/developer's flash banner ad in the header of your "diesel parts" website... and on the home page???? Not trying to be rude, just giving the input you asked for.
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                    intechspecial Ranger
                    dieselparts -

                    I have not been to your site yet but I would trust websolutions and iWrite, as they always give sound advice.