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    Research and Development Funds Needed?

    EVProject Newbie
      I have designed an electric vehicle conversion kit. I need investment for testing. The Electrical Drive System has an expected range of 200+ miles per charge. The target vehicles are SUV and Trucks. Serious investors would be encouraged to find out more.

      Contact Joseph at 704-677-3857.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Research and Development Funds Needed?? Welcome Joseph

          Tell me more about yourself, this conversion kit, and how much of an investment

          for testing before I call you in Western North Carolina.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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              EVProject Newbie

              I currently live in Charlotte NC and I research electricity. I have developed a 3 phase drive system for any consumer vehicle. The investment needed for the first year would cost more then 2.5 Million and we could be doing conversions well before april 1st and making money. This is a small investment compaired to tesla. The tesla roadster cost 55million and has a range of 220miles using lithium batteries. I will have a range compairable to this with convential batteries. The vehicle will be computer controlled and charged with a wall outlet. The technical details have been completely worked out.

              Thank you very much
              Joseph 704-677-3857