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    Seeking those interested in establishing financial freedom

    sdoleman1 Newbie

      Specifically looking for individuals that are willing to follow a simple system that will afford each and every team member the opportunity to maximize the compensation plan offered by Melaleuca. The key is not over thinking the process & sticking to the plan. I have partnered with a group of business savvy individuals that have formed a dynamic team named Unified Vision Group. This groups sole mission is to educate folks on Melaleuca & it's great products, but most importantly, how to take advantage of this great business opportunity.

      Melaleuca, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care, home hygiene, and other wellness products. It distributes its products directly to the consumer through a catalog and Internet shopping system. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, New Zealand,... see more and the United Kingdom.

      Take the time to inquire, I promise you won't regret it.
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          GrowthCurve Adventurer
          Another in a long list of MLM companies...

          I will say this. Some of the Melaleuca products are very good. We've tried and used (and still use) many of them.

          However, any time people involved in a business spend more time trying to find "business builders" as opposed to just going out and selling product, you have to hear the warning bell.

          Be wary of any business that encourages you to buy a lot of product up front.

          Also, know that you'll end up being asked to spend a lot of money on other items apart from product. There are all sorts of training sessions and tools and so never ends.

          It's never as easy as it sounds. Never.
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              sdoleman1 Newbie
              I can appreciate you opinion; however, we've been conditioned to think that we have to be great salespeople in order to be successfull. I have no desire to convince people that product x is better than product y. That doesn't mean that Melaleuca does not have excellent products, but most people get into business because they want to earn a dollar, not because they just have to sell Product X. My group simply focuses on those things that generates the dollar. (Business Builder vs. Customer) The only true difference between a business builder & a customer is that a business builder has a goal of not only using "product", but has a desire to grow a buisness. It's great to have customers, but obviously much better to have business builders. That's not a bad thing......... No one should be fearfull of that or put off.

              The approach we/my group is taking is that of an investment. Melaleuca, like most other network marketing or direct marketing opportunities, tells you exactly what you will be paid if you do x,y, & z. Why over complicate the system & try to sell per say. With every business, there are business expenses. In month one, our team members are able to recoup their total investment by simply following a simple system.

              This is not the forum to go into depth, but nothing to hide on my end for those that have 15 minutes to listen.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              financial freedom, Welcome

              Who are you?? Where are you??
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                  sdoleman1 Newbie

                  Just an ordinary family man that thru trial & error has finally realized what it takes to be successfull at this kind of opportunity. I still work my 9 to 5 for a Fortune 500 Company, but have plans of pulling away in the next year and concentrate on the opportunity I'm speaking of full-time. Currently, I reside in WV, but work in MD. I have nothing to hide & am willing to share with anyone that is serious & willing to work towards financial freedom. Not going to point you to a slick website and try to get you to pay for my "Expert Advise."

                  I have information I can send you, but there needs to be some explanation along with that. Let me know how you would like to connect.