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    Move Your Business Website Into The 21rst Century

    dantbrown Newbie
      We are a web consulting firm specializing in building creative and effective business websites. We say "effective" simply to inspire thought: Is your website working for you? Does it provoke action from your customer? Is it designed for fluid interaction with your customer? Lastly and most important, does your website generate business?
      Our team is a group of creative professionals: writers, designers, musicians, and visionaries. In addition to, we operate (a custom music house - our music has been featured on all of the major networks), (a full service public relations and image management company), and an exciting new form of networking designed for business to interact with their customers. All of our personal projects work towards one common goal exposure and positioning for today's business arena.
      From webjingles (commercial stingers designed for the web), to public relations and marketing, to design, we utilize a think-tank approve with forward thinkers in each industry. We will consult with a business through each creative step and define the methodology; in most cases it is nothing out of the ordinary we simply "do" what makes sense and have fun doing it!

      Contact me personally let's talk: