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    Business Plan Writing HELP!

    djsp24 Newbie

      I needed help writing a business plan so I searched the web and came across this site... WWW.BPLANSNOW.COM and I actually couldn't believe it, I searched thru there industry specific plans and found one for small engine repair which is what I've been looking for, downloaded it and changed the information and had a great plan in about an hour for under $20 bucks! So if anyone out there is struggling with writing a business plan, got to this website and see if they have a sample of your particular business!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business Plan Writing, Welcome

          Thanks for sharing that info. i will check it out as I am a SCORE Counselor and many people come to SCORE asking us for help with their business plan.

          Thanks again, LUCKIEST
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            philly121 Newbie
            Has anyone found this web site helpful and succesful? It almost sounds to good to be true. I would love to read success stories.
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              60MSP_John Newbie
              Yes, i've seen BPlansNow before. Good site. I have heard of several people who have used their service.

              I guess the bigger question that i hear from entrepreneurs and biz owners is -- "now i have a business plan, great! What do i do next?" Of course, we could boldly just recommend our book and service about how to do a strategic plan in 60 minutes or less, but that's not the goal of a forum usually. So, what we recommend is that entrepreneurs think about the issues and challenges they face and make sure they know how the customer benefits from all of that. We have one consultant who is quite good at helping startups think about their unique situation -- so rather than just worrying about having the perfect business plan (which it is important to have a solid one) -- consider finding an executive coach for an hour or three to help you do some of what we call "rapid response planning" so you can improve the quality of your decisions and turn your vision into reality.

              Best of luck in your new venture!
              John E Johnson
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                  60MSP_John Newbie
                  I guess i should also state that these business plans are obviously templates. Used by tons of people, but it gets you through some of the tough stuff quickly and while it can be generic when you buy a plan like this; it can make some of the early hurdles easier. Overall, i rate these templates as decent, but if you have a unique business that isn't covered by one of the templates, you won't find a lot of value.