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    Different way for ppc advertising

    financial180 Wayfarer
      I saw a promotion for this site Xoole, which is another way to get to the top of the search results.
      Anyway I have been using it for about one month now and gotten a few leads from them and still have not even used my own money yet, cause of the promotion I got. I tried searching there for some other stuff and somethings come up but not alot, so I asked the webmaster of the site why this is so and he said that the only way to get more results if more people use the ppc side, he also said they have a web crawler that crawls the web with submit url but it makes the system slow and probably going to take it out.
      Anyway what I am getting to is I like the way this site gets ppc ads, you enter the url at sign up and then like few mins later I get an email that says links are ready. So you login and all my pages are there with keywords already in them and ready for me to bid on them which is super easy with smart bid ( I think). I believe in what this site is tring to do, so I wanted to help them out by asking people around here that need some new ways to advertise to go and try this service out. I will see if I can get a promo code from the webmaster, so you can get the great deal I got. Anyway its and click on advertise at the bottom.