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    Eco-distributor of plant based bio-plastics need expansion $

    biostore Newbie
      We are 10 mos. old and grossed over 100k in first 12 weeks of business. Have 4,000 squ/ft of warehouse with $150,000 in inventory stock. No outside debt. Startup funding by owner for $250,000.00 Monthly salaries, rent, overhead at 11K. 4000 squ/ft retail Biostore and single Biostore Boutique in local hotel. Exclusive destributor of large line of cleaning products, hotel supplies and our own branded water in eco friendly pouch. 100,000 units arrive in 6 weeks. No related debt. Also "No Waste Event" service.
      Small eco-bottling plant for cleaning supply line. Summer employment of 6 high school students and 4 year round office help. 2 part time year round.
      Need 500k loan to continue growth and fill orders/tradeshows/ hire full time bookeeper,billing. Buisiness plan available. Board seat available to monitor. Located on Martha's Vineyard.