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    *Prof. Pet Groomer w/ 20 yrs. experience looking for start

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      I know the economic times are tough for starting a business but I am a hard worker with a career that I have come to love and have a real passion for; Working with Domestic Animals. I am looking to start up my own pet grooming facility in the fast growing Woodbury, MN community. I've worked in the Woodbury, MN area for the last 10 years and I have done very well.


      An opportunity has become available to me to lease out an 1700 (I listed in a previous post 815 but I found something bigger and better) square foot building at a reasonable price. I have the bare essentials to start, but I still need the more expensive items that are needed to run my business, such as tubs, kennels to hold several pets at once, dryers, tables, a building sign, and miscellaneous grooming products to effectively groom the pets. I would like to also carry a small retail section for home-use grooming products and for pet food. I already have a solid client base waiting for me to get moved in and would be earning reasonable income right away.


      In 1988 my aunt helped started me in the pet grooming industry. She invested in me for all my basic equipment; the facility, tables, ECT... was already installed. Just after all the agreements were signed my aunt had sold her pet store, where the grooming facility was located, to another private party. They had breeched my contract that I had with the store and after six months of starting the business I had to close the facility. During those six months I had built up 50% of the clientele base to be returning clients.


      In 1994 I rebuilt the grooming clientele/department for a Veterinary Clinic after four months of no groomer. By 1996 I had grown it enough to support three full time pet groomers, each grooming seven pets per day. The business is still continuing today and for each year that I was there the facility was voted "Best Place to Groom Your Pet".


      I started work for a major pet corporation in 2001 in the Midway Area and then in 2003 was transferred to the Woodbury area for same company. In 2004 the facility was also voted "Best Place to Groom Your Pet". In 2003 I also receive a First Place Award in competition for pet grooming.


      My goal is to become a Master Pet Groomer for our field. It helps in credentials of teaching students, teaching fellow groomers like me, show's my clients that I do know what I am talking about and to have a higher end in pricing because of my knowledge. I will also increasing my knowledge by going to seminars for my continuing education in our field.


      I have done my homework and I believe I've done all my researching that can be done on my field. I have all my business plans, financial plans, my start up cost list, I do have a demographic for a area and a 2004 pet demographic for the area, plus I can include a all my paystubs or W-2 from the previous employer for the last three years. With a clientel list of 70 I have been in contact with half if not more that would love to follow and I'm sure once I contact the rest of the clientel they too will follow me.

      I have the know-how and the drive; I just need an Angel to believe in me like my clients have for years. If you need further information please feel free to contact me. I am looking to start the business ASAP.

      Thank You For Your Time,
      Lisa Ginn
      Professional Pet Groomer