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    need advice on opening Juice bar in chicago

    gizmoco Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      I would like to open a Healthy Juice and Smothies bar in suburbs Chicago. I would like to have any advice. Thank you very much and I appriciate every advice. Petra
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Advice on opening Juice bar in Chicago, Welcome

          WE love Chicago. Tell us more about yourself and your plans to open this Juice Bar.
          How soon?? Do you have a location??

          If I was planing on opening Juice bar in Chicago, I would do two things.
          One, Contact your local SCORE office. SCORE is FREE
          Two, Develop a Business and marketing Plan and yes SCORE can help

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Hi Petra,


            Have you created your business plan including financial projections? If you have not done that yet, the best starting point for you is to get what you want to do down on paper. Developing your business plan helps you to make your dream a reality; but only if you work at it to do the things necessary to reach your goal.

            A good business plan is something that funding sources and/or prospective investors are going to want to see so that should be your priority at this point if you don't have one ready.


            How complex and comprehensive your plan should be depends on what you plan to use it for.


            This ususally falls into 3 categories:


            1. Internal Planning (to form the business and outline the business launch - or expansion/changes for an established business).
            2. Internal Planning/External presentation to close contacts that might want to invest in the business.
            3. Internal Planning, External presentation to close contacts, experienced investors and/or sources of funding for the business.


            Remember if you need funding or are looking for investors they will need to see that the business is viable, that you are a person that can execute the plan and provide them a return on their investment. In general, Business Plans consist of the following components:


            • Executive Summary
            • Market Opportunity
            • Vision, Mission, & Objectives
            • Management
            • Business Strategy
            • Competition
            • Risk
            • Financial Plan/Capital Requirements
            • Summary


            Once you have your plan done, if it is solid and the business a viable opportunity and if you have good credit you may be able to get bank funding if you have the right collateral that they'll want. You also may be able to find a local "Angel" investor who would provide some funding for you. You can search online for "angel investors" and you will find a number of resources and web sites that will help you find angel investors.


            I hope the above helps you or gives you some direction. There is a lot of good information and business start-up and business plan help to be found on this site from some of the professionals that participate in the community. Do a search for those subjects/topics and read more to get additional feedback that will help you.


            Good luck and best wishes to you.


            Dennis Lowery
            Adducent, Inc.