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    Small Business Grant Warning

    Lighthouse24 Ranger

      I was just notified by e-mail that I have been awarded a rather sizable small business grant. Whoo-hoo!

      The interesting things are: (1) I hadn't applied for any grants, (2) the e-mail was sent to a distribution list (not to my address directly) and doesn't mention me or any of my businesses by name, and (3) the address at which the notification was received is one I set up and use exclusively for this community (not for any other communications).

      I didn't follow through with the "verification process" to acknowledge and claim the funds that are supposedly being held for me. It occurs to me, however, that if other community members have applied for business loans or grants, you might receive and consider acting on this. I would do so with caution. The sender indicates that he represents the Small Business Grants Selection Committee, and the message is actually very well-written (no spelling or grammar mistakes). It appears to have originated from a server in China.

      Did anyone else receive an unexpected grant today?