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    How do I find e-mail addresses for prospective buyers?

    JenJen Wayfarer
      I send out a monthly newsletter to my customers informing them of specials and new items that have been added.

      Does anyone know how to get e-mail addresses to add to my newsletter? I've found a few ways but the sites want to charge me too much and aren't able to focus on customers that may be interested in my products.

      I use Google adwords and analytics. Is there any way to get e-mail addresses from the reports they produce?

      Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I don't see a way on your website to opt-in to the newsletter -- so if someone lands on your site as the result of a search, a customer referral, a direct invitation, etc. there is no way to sign-up and give you an e-mail address if they want to. Actually, there's no way to even know that you HAVE a newsletter. That's the first thing to attend to (before you consider paying for e-mail addresses, set up a way to get the ones people are willing to give for free).

          My suggestion would be to have the most recent newsletter available on your site to view, so visitors can decide if they want to receive it regularly. Consequently, the newsletter has to provide more than just specials and new items for sale -- it needs to offer some interesting tips or brief stories (another fun option, given your product line, might be an extension of the garden gnome thing in the film AMELIE -- have customers send in their photos and post them in your newsletter). You have to make people WANT to get the newsletter. Offering an incentive (5% off first purchase or something) for signing up is another good option.

          Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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            onlinebiz Newbie
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              NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
              There is no way to get email addresses, this is not a practical way to go about increasing your sales. Here is why.
              1. If you purchase email addresses, and the email address user has not give you permission to email him, this is called SPAMMING
              2. If you purchase and email list, 95% of the time, they are not real Email addresses, and if they are... most-likely they are dummy email addresses.

              The best way for you to increase your sales and Email Customers, is to Create a News Letter Sign up (Email Opt-in) on your web site. Open a Newsletter account with Constant Contact or intelicontact and have your visitors subscribe to your email Newsletter...

              Start networking with other small business owners and tell them that you want to send them your weekly, monthly specials...

              Good Luck...