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    funds or equipment needed

    toolman911965 Newbie
      I am and have been in the process of starting a small business for the past year and finally started handing out cards to people and posting ads in some of the free sites and one low cost site to feel the market. My business is threefold:1) to provide consulting service for manufacturing industry to assess their production lines and efficiency and to provide options to reduce costs(i.e. energy, materials, labor, and time) and to explore using alternative energy resources to offset their expenses. I also aim to help them to find better ways of doing things, perhaps to use different processes or materials to achieve the same or better results at lower cost and/or increase profitability. 2) to provide low cost services for the community as a small scale fabricator/designer/engineer. For example: if a small farm or individual needs a small part fabricated but cannot afford the high price most shops will charge for an individual job, I can not only do the job, but would like to have a mobile setup that i could go to them and do it. I also offer small mechanical work and repair work which would otherwise cost them more than they can afford. 3) I am working on building a wind generator and a stirling engine for small scale residential use and would like to be able to provide people with plans at low cost that they could build themselves from commonly available materials and with only a modest amount of mechanical skills, or which I could buld for them for much less than commercially available units and tailor it to their needs.

      That being said, what I am in need of is either small financing around $10,000 to at most $15,000 to finish building a garage for use as my shop and for purchase of a box truck or truck and trailer for mobile work, and for some additional equipment. Or, someone who has such equipment who would donate or help me obtain such as a truck, and particularly a welder/generator capable of TIG and stick welding thick metal up to 1/2 inch.

      If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful as I see this as a good business opportunity, though part time at first and keep my federal job until and when business becomes good enough and stable enough. Right now I see a potential of $500 to $1000 per week part time if the market bears it. My credit is rocky not because of poor performance or bad loans but because now I have maxed my credit and with a house and car my credit is suffering some. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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          Fortis Adventurer
          Hello toolman911965,

          Hope all is well. Email me more details on the equipment. I'd like to talk to you a bit more.


          Fortis Captial

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Funds or equipment needed, Welcome

            Where are you?? Do you have a Business Name??

            Have you registered with the I R S and received a Federal I D Number??

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you.

            Can we talk, LUCKIEST
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                toolman911965 Newbie
                My business name is gallowaytechconsulting, I have a website at I have filed and do have an EIN, also NY state sales tax number, and dba with the county in which i do business. The problem is everyone I go through says the same, too much revolving credit, too low a credit score which was 604 last I was informed, or that they dont finance small amounts. I was trying instead of the other equipment which would be nice, instead to just get the one piece of equipment that would help greatly in servicing customers, ant the equipment is 1100 dollars, but didnt even qualify for a 60 month lease on that which would only run 30 dollars a month. As I work full time for the government and also have a part time contract position with my fiance with the local paper, our annual gross is around 50K. I am also working on a provisional patent for an invention which to my knowledge as of yet doesnt exist. But with the credit crunch things are difficult.