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    tell me how to add the meta tag to heading on a web site

    directconect Adventurer

      I am trying to add the meta tag to the head on website tonight so google can verify my web site, I need step by step instuctions please
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          Henrykjr Newbie
          It's in the source code of your website. If you are missing meta information, chance are you are missing a lot more than that so you can be found on the web. In internet explorer from the page button click "View Source" This shows you the actual code that is sitting on your home page. You edit this in the source code before you upload the site onto the server.

          After you do this go to to learn more on how to make your site search engine friendly.
          Regards, Henry
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            intechspecial Ranger
            After the <title> tag and before the <body> add these lines:

            <meta name="keywords" content="dogs, cats, owls, pigs, lions, tigers, bears, help animals, animal community, wildlife refuge, dog refuge, cat refuge" />
            <meta name="description" content="Animals and Wildlife refuge for all animals including dogs, cats, owls, pigs, lions, tigers and bears, we help the animal community to live a better life" />
            * Note
            Replace the words that are underlined with your keywords and description. Keywords must be seperated by commas, but description should be written for your target audience not the search engine.

            Use keywords that match the content of your site. The keyword are what search engines will match your site with when someone does a search.

            The description is what the search engine will display under the link to your site.

            Improper SEO will insure you are not listed and may even get you banned.

            Proper SEO will allow you a ranking in the first page of any search engine.

            Hope this helps.