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    Below $300 web design

    webuild1999 Wayfarer
      Hi! If you own or operate a small or medium sized business we have
      a offering for you. We are professionally trained designers based in
      Kolkata, India and we offer web design, application building, graphic
      design services in the median price range of $300-$500. The price is
      low because of the low value of the Indian Rupee compared to the value
      of the US Dollar. This is the basis of all outsourcing business models.

      We will not bill you until project is completed and you are satisfied.
      Our primary focus during web building is user experience and search
      engine friendliness. The price of our service can be lower than $300
      for small sites or higher than $500 depending on the project but we try
      to keep it as close to the mean service charge mentioned above.

      Hurry, for we only work on one project at any one time!