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    New Medical clinic looking for working Capital

    kareem01 Wayfarer
      Hi my name is Kareem and i am a small business owner seeking capital for my medical clinic in the range of 50k to 100k.
      My wife is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and we have a Physician that wants us to take over his medical clinics one by one. My wife works at both clinics now as a NP and she pretty much runs the clinics now. We just took over the first clinic we used our own money for the acquisition fee's so we need some working capital now for operating cost. In light of the recent financial crisis that has struck Wall Street and the U.S. economy, Pink Lotus health care (PLHC) still has a sound financial plan for success in this shaky market. PLHC is not a start up company we have an office and preexisting patients that have grown to love us at Pink Lotus. So we plan to be profitable in 12 month or less. I have a business plan available and we are ready to return a ROI of 15-20% to a investor for 3 years. We are also opened to selling some shares of the company.

      Thank You
      Kareem Davis
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Medical clinic looking for working Capital, Welcome Kareem

          Would like to read your business plan. My email address is " "

          Thanks and good luck, LUCKIEST
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            kareem01 Wayfarer
            A lil about the company

            The Company:
            Pink Lotus Health, Inc is a private for profit community based clinic whose primary purpose is to provide safe quality upscale services to an underserved population that too often is forgotten. One service we will offer is live video streaming chats via cellphone and computer with Nurse Practitioner and Physician. Pink Lotus will offer many of the same services that are available to a population that is considered wealthy. Pink Lotus is dedicated to helping women throughout their lifecycle with compassion while maintaining optimal healthcare practices.
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                drjamesdiaz Wayfarer

                Dear Pink Lotus,


                I think that the SBA is the best bet because the rates are low and are federally-backed. Thus, someone who may not otherwise qualify because of high debt to income ratio, can still be funded. Your idea is intriguing. I posted a request for information on starting a Community health clinic and recieved really good advice. As it turned out, I followed the recommendations of some of our fellow bloggers, spoke to the people who I needed to talk to and determined that a community clinic was not viable in my area as there is already one in my city. The advice saved me untold hours of work,money, and heartache. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear because working in a multidiciplinary practice has been a dream of mine for years but is really saved me from falling on my face. I think that the community clinic is not the vehicle to achieve my dreams but maybe a private for profit organization is the way to go. I'm assuming that your wife works under an MD who works parttime. This would keep your expense down since NP's usually do most of the work in many medical environments. This means you don't have to pay the MD for full time work. Right? I am a doctor of chiropractic and want to hire an NP full-time working under an MD who is parttime. The problem is Iive and work in California and the cost of living is very high here in Mendocino County and I wonder if you have any recommendations? Thank you and best of luck, God Bless. JD