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    Managing Employee's in another State

    Arrowfly Newbie

      We are in Michigan and will be hiring a Sales and Service Rep in Washington. What would be the best way to monitor this employee's efforts.
      We have giving him daily logs to fill out, mileage records, people he/she visited etc. Any idea's or experiences will help.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          You may not have meant this as literally as I'm reading it, but I would not "monitor this employee's efforts." I would MEASURE this employee's RESULTS. You'll want to start by:
          (1) jointly agreeing upon realistic goals and targets that are linked to specific dates and timelines;
          (2) communicating the actions that the employee is expected to take to achieve those goals (or you can have the employee plan those actions and communicate them to you if he already has the job-related knowledge and experience to do so);
          (3) establishing the minimum output, process, and behavior standards that the employee will be expected to meet as he works the plan and produces the agreed upon results.

          My advice is to stay away from monitoring ACTIVITIES (to the degree that you can -- you're leaglly obliged to have to have him report certain activities, of course). But as much as possible, focus on measuring OUTCOMES that contribute directly to your bottom line. Establishing standards will ensure that the employee's actions stay within the law and adhere to your company's values, policies, and procedures. Beyond that, you probably don't care what he DOES as much as you care about what you HAVE after he does it. So that's what I'd track.

          Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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            caffeinated Scout

            I saw the SBOC post a new article, "Managing From Afar." Could be some valuable tidbits in there


            Engaging From Afar

            Good luck!