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    Any Hope for Startup Financing?

    Ready_to_fly Newbie

      Despite a grim financial market outlook and a freeze on lending, is there hope for startup financing? SBA and traditional methods of starting up a well poised start-up company have all but dried up. Is there anyone providing lending for a startup company with contracts in hand and additional contracts to be added once the equipment and inventories are in place?

      Company: Roper Aero Industries, Inc.
      Status: Newly Incorporated
      Industry: Aviation & Aerospace Manufacturing
      Location: Ft. Pierce, FL
      Contracts delivered on: $80,000
      Contracts on hand: $150,000+
      Contracts in negotiation: $500,000 to $1,000,000 and we have not even advertised yet!
      Need: CNC Milling Machine and inventory; or capital to purchase and consolidate companies to meet this objective and deliver on contracts

      More detail and business plan can be provided if there is an interested party. The goal is to not give up half the company and repay the debt swiftly. Are there lenders out there willing to look at a decent short term return investment anymore? Please let me know any suggestions and any interested parties are welcome to contact me for additional information:
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          It was never easy to get start-up financing, but you're right -- very difficult now. Can you not split apart the needs and reduce the amounts required from any one source by seeking equipment financing for the machine, supplier terms for the inventory, and convertible debt (rather than equity financing) from a private investor to cover operating expenses? If you're offering a rapid return and only need an investor to provide a percentage of the total, then debt would seem to be a cheaper, faster, and easier option for you, it would be attractive to many investors right now (if your plan is solid and you are willing to make a few concessions), yet it would give you more options down the road (including maintaining control of the company). Welcome to the community and good luck raising your seed funding.
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            apexfunding Newbie

            Please give me a call to discuss your business funding needs further.

            Best Regards,
            Steve Do
            Business Consultant
            Tel:(832) 483-7485