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    Unique financing option in a difficult credit environment-

    barterbroker Wayfarer

      Most Business people reading this post are experienced businessmen/women who have struggled with financing their
      business and realize in todays Banking enviroment it just got much harder.

      We (TBM) have a unique option for businesses looking for financing. Trade and Barter Mutual LLC can provide your business with
      *a much better chance of getting credit * . Once a business is a Member of our exchange, we become a third-party at risk*
      with lenders, which enables us to Bond, insure, re-insure, and provide "like in kind" replacement, which
      benefits the Members who are struggling to secure "normal" financing.

      Please note: Our Business model and opportunity requires a degree of nuance in utilizing this opportunity.
      Mainly being open to having a broker, business exposure within the exchange, paying trade fees, and having
      or expecting a Material gain that would warrant what could be perceived as "expensive credit fees".


      Please let me know if you have any questions-

      David Butts
      1- 866- 546-8737

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          kareem01 Wayfarer
          Hi my name is Kareem and i am a small business owner seeking capital for my medical clinic in the range of 50k to 100k.
          My wife is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and we have a Physician that wants us to take over his medical clinics one by one. My wife works at both clinics now as a NP and she pretty much runs the clinics now. We just took over the first clinic so we need some working capital. In light of the recent financial crisis that has struck Wall Street and the U.S. economy, Pink Lotus health care (PLHC) still has a sound financial plan for success in this shaky market. PLHC is not a start up company we have an office and preexisting patients that have grown to love us at Pink Lotus. So we plan to be profitable in 12 month or less. I have a business plan available and we are ready to return a ROI of 15-20% to a investor for 3 years. We are also opened to selling some shares of the company.

          Thank You
          Kareem Davis