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    Looking for Web Startup Partners

    BumbleBee Wayfarer is looking for a few people to start new internet business with. We will provide the website, programming and internet presense for the business in exchange for a percentage of the business.

      Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars to programmers, webmasters and hosting companies we will get you started from our garage at our cost. As you grow and make money, then we make our share along with you.

      We are looking for BIG ideas, not just online stores but we are open to any idea that will make money at some point. Even if the idea is not big but will have a solid income, we are interested.

      We have been running internet businesses for many years, so we know what it takes and how to do it. You can go to our website and submit a proposal and we will know right away if the plan has any merit.

      If you want to give us an overview here first, we will give you a thumbs up or down and comments about what we like or don't like about the plan.

      We are anxiously awating your comments and submissions.
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          GrowthCurve Adventurer
          Can you point to some sites or businesses with which you've undertaken this kind of arrangement?

          It's an interesting approach...sort of like venture capital except you are contributing a service instead of money (which would probably be used to buy the service, anyway).
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              BumbleBee Wayfarer
              I cannot point to any businesses because we have always only developed our own businesses. We have over 300 websites we currently run and have built over 2000 websites in the last 10 years. Some with partners but mostly our own. We have a list of some of them at

              The idea is a new one. To provide the working website, essentially a turnkey business that we can continue to develop as the business grows. If anyone has attempted a start up, they know the excessive cost of getting technology developed. Most businesses fail because they cannot afford to keep paying deveopment costs and cut corners in the programming to save money. They will launch a half finished product or one that was built cheaply and cannot scale as the buisness grows.

              If you partner with a development company that is in for their own sweat equity, you solve those problems.

              I have had lots of people that wanted to partner with us in the last year but never found a good fit. Now I am opening the door and looking for people to partner with.

              We already have the hardware, we already have datacenter space and pay for unused bandwidth. Why not put it to use if there is a potential to make a profit from otherwise idle resources?
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              xpertjob Newbie
              Hello Guys,

              We coud consider hooking up with you guys on our idea.
              We need to build the prototype and take it to the next level.

              This could be very big in the rightt hands, so we are cautious in selecting our technology partner.
              Would like to see how you've set up your partnertship structures in the past.
              How secure is our idea with bumblebeegarage?

              Please email us so we connect directly.