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    Educational Non-Profit start up loans

    BrooklynM5 Newbie

      I am in the infant stages of starting a non-profit company peer mentoring at risk youth in the Charlotte NC area. My question is, regarding our current economical climate is it possible to obtain start up loans and or grants for adequate business plan writing, grant writing and filing for 501-c3 status. Hiring a company or CPA for those tasks can cost upwards of 20k and better before our 1st grant is applied for or any fund raising events. what would our best route be and does anyone know of any company's that would assist pro bono.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Educational Non-Profit , Welcome

          I believe in Non Profits. I personally have volunteered my time and support to them.
          As a SCORE Counselor I have also helps. Both my wife and I are fund raisers.

          Tell me more. You are in the infant stages of starting a Non Profit. What does that mean??
          Have you developed a Business Plan that I can read.

          Your non profit sounds very interesting. How can I help??

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              BrooklynM5 Newbie
              When I use the term "infant stage" it means I have done exstensive research for the need and possible effect the organization will have on the youth. I have based it on the tradition of the "City Kids foudation" out of a member in the early 90`s it helped guide at risk youth that where not doing exceptionaly well in school by helping them thru the arts....I plan on doing the same by giving them the incentive to do well in school and their reward would be the opportunity to join our group, develop talents such a writing and performing music ( production etc.) ( film production, writing screen plays, filming) also dance and acting.......these classes ans work shops will help to keep at risk youth out of trouble as well as give them a venue to horne and showcase their skills. Their is a very big void in the south and these at risk youth are being left behind. My goal is to fund this venture thru educational grants and donations from connections I have with Def-Jam, Roc-A-Fella and Interscope records but in order to get all paperwork in order, 501-c3 status, writing a proper business plan and hiring lawyers will take capital of 20k and more so at this point i`m researching my options.
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                  Artistic Newbie

                  I am also a new resident of Charlotte, migrating from Connecticut. I certainly can attest to the lack of positive youth development programs in the area. I am in the process of starting my own Business Writing Company (Grant-Writing, Business Plans, etc). Ergo, I can definitely be of assistance to you!
                  I am currently a high school English teacher, Grant-Coordinator and Arts enthusiast. In addition to teaching high school, I worked, for a number of years, researching, writing and procuring grants for a youth non-profit organization up North. I also worked creating and administering programs for said organization. I am confident that I can assist you in your endeavors and this would be much more than a business arrangment, this is something that I am also extremely passionate about! Should you want to talk further, please respond to this e-mail and we can go from there.

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                If I were going to form a non-profit, the second thing I would do (after researching the needs and solutions, as you have) is to seek out and establish a group of people to serve on the Board of Directors (in some states, you HAVE to do that first, by law). I would find local people who share the same values and passion for the mission/cause, and who have something (money, skills, connections, whatever) that are necessary to launch, administer, and guide the entity. That would seem to be the logical next step in this case to address the issues you mentioned. Best wishes.