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    Management 101- Knowledge is Power

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      So you have a good management team. Your staff is efficient and you have low turnover. What more could you want? In today's uncertain economy you need a GREAT management team who empowers their staff by providing them the necessary tools to become successful employees. The tools... Knowledge. Provide your employees with the knowledge needed to make your company Grow and most of all, profitable. By doing so, you'll not only gain loyalty with your employees but you'll be providing them with the necessary tools to become tomorrow's leaders.


      Part of a manager's responsibility is to create learning capabilities throughout their organization, on every level - in all areas. You, as an operator need to understand the value of knowledge as an important resource, similar to cash or raw materials. Knowledge management involves cultivating a learning culture. Where organizational members systematically gather knowledge and share it with others within the organization, in order to achieve better performance. For instance, at your next management meeting, conduct an open discussion and document best practices your team has developed, unusual problems they have dealt with, and other work related information. Then, allow your management team to share this information with your staff. Provide them with the information needed to make effective decisions necessary for the company to achieve its goals as an organization but most importantly, allow your employees to provide feedback. Listen to what they have to say! By listening to your staff you not only gather useful insight to complement these lessons but in turn, learn what your customers are saying about you! Let's face it, who's on the front line directly dealing with your customers? Your employees!


      "You're successful because of the team you lead"



      Hope this proves useful.


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