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    How do I get students for my driving school with so many new

    usastarthing Newbie
      How do I get new students for my driving school with so many new schools lowering the price so far below mine just to get the business and then after giving them four classes making them wait? I am one of the few in the area that is American and I am established. I need to price my school at a higher price point because I am a one man operation and could not really handle too much volume. I offer a better service with better equipment and with no waiting period. I invest in Educational seminars and go the extra mile to make my students happy yet I am not seeing the same number of students as previous year. Anybody out there got any ideas or had similar problems? This is my initial contact. Just opened account. Learning as I go.
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          You may want to offer a rebate for referrals. If one of your students refers a friend or family member, give them a referal bonus with either a discounted lesson or put some coin in their pocket. And make sure your customers very much enjoy the experience, not just the education, so asking for their referal wont be so tough. You could also align yourself with another business to subsidize your costs. Maybe an auto dealer or auto parts store will pay you to refer people to their business. With tighter purse strings, creativity will create more revenue.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            *How do I get students for my driving school*??, Welcome Mike*

            *Teach teens and adults Driver Education is very important and should be a growing business**
            with more and more teenagers getting behind the wheel
            How long have you been in business??

            555 sports had some good ideas that could help. Also a Marketing Plan should help. I am a SCORE Counselor
            and SCORE and I help both businesses and people with FREE Marketing Plans all the time. Part of the Marketing
            Plan is talking about identifying your market, your service, advertising and PRICING STRATEGY.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              In my mind, your post pretty much answered your question. A consumer can buy a pair of sneakers at thousands of places, from a dollar store to a tiny upscale running boutique, and pay anywhere from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars. You're not "the dollar store" of driving schools -- your comparative market position is more like the "specialty boutique."

              I would think that a copywriter could take your post and very quickly (and inexpensively) create a letter, ad, flyer, webpage, or whatever it is you market with -- one that would clearly position you as the preferred provider in the minds of customers who are willing and able to pay more. That market is definitely still there. There are certainly parents who want their kids to get the BEST driving instruction, not the CHEAPEST. If you position yourself as the best (and live up to it) you don't need high volume and don't need to compete on the basis of price.

              Relative to "living up to it" . . . do you have contact with past students? I would contact some of them if I could, find out how many tickets, accidents, etc. they've had, and compare that to the averages for your state. It would be a powerful point to be able to say that 1 in every 5 teenage drivers has an accident within 3 months of receiving his or her license, but only 1 of your last 200 students did.

              Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                You can also try online lead generation services that cater to skilled instructors.

                methods will get your phone ringing, some might be questions and
                quotes, but good customer service along wiht your state of the art
                offering, should win them over...good luck