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    EMS Training Start-up Business Needs Investors

    EMSskill Newbie
      Hello, I am a trained EMS professional who has been in the field of emergency medicine for over 15 years. I know everything that is essential in order for this business to be successful, all I need is the capital for investment for equipment, leasing space, etc. This is a lucrative business opportunity, especially taking into account my experience and dedication to the profession. I have BIG ideas, most which are currently non-existant in any EMS training facility. If you are interested in making an investment in a company that could not only potentially change the way EMT and Paramedics are trained but also turn a profit, please contact me. I have done the research and have the ideal location in sight. Thank you for reading my post and I welcome any advice.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          EMS Training Start-up Business, Welcome D

          Tell me more. Where did you get your EMS training?? Where are you located??

          How soon can you be up and running at this ideal location??

          How much of an investment are you looking for?? And for how long??

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              EMSskill Newbie

              Hello Luckiest and thank you for your interest. I am located in South Florida where I received most of my training. I am very motivated so with the right investment the business could potentially be up and running within 4 to 6 months. In order to get the location, necessary adjustment to the space, training equipment, etc, in total on the low-end aprroximately 100K and on the high-end 200K. As far as the return on the investment, of course it depends on the original amount of investment and the return requested. However, I do have specific knowledge concerning the potential market and growth for this type of business so I could provide a reasonable estimation.


              Thanks again for your interest.


              D Nunez