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    How to cut costs in your Business by 18.5%.

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      Over the past 18 years I and members of V-Chain Solutions have had the opportunity to work with a number of Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 corporations. Each corporation shares a common problem which is miscommunications between sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain management. The impact is millions, or in some cases billions lost in productivity and decision making. In 2004, I had the opportunity to test theories in several corporations throughout the United States and Asia prior to solidifying my vision.

      On May 7th, 2005, I assembled a team of colleagues from various corporations and the United States Armed Forces to come together to address this problem. We invented a way to increase productivity and strengthen the decision making capabilities within companies. Dr. Barry Lawrence at Texas A&M University said that our vision was "revolutionary". Forrester Research stated that this is the "world's first Business Process Management

      Suite for the supply chain." We recently launched a marketing campaign in which Tanya Candia, President of Candia Communications states that the response is "phenomenal". The Supply chain has been a problem for all companies until now. We've devised a way to make driving the supply chain as easy of driving a car. My name is James Vinson and I am the President and Founder of V-Chain Solutions, Inc.


      I want to make you aware of a special year-end offer we are running. New customers have the opportunity to receive a one-year free software trial of the V-Chain Engine and/or CRM modules, being developed by V-Chain Solutions along with top supply chain scientists and business partners such as Fusion Storm, Oracle and Neubloc.

      To take advantage of this offer you simply agree to participate in a special business analysis exercise, which delivers an end-to-end business process map, identification of areas with large standard deviations, and recommendations for improvements. Based on the information gathered in this exercise, V-Chain will tailor the modules to your specific needs. This way we learn about your business and you get near and long term improvements.




      Lean Six Sigma Supply Chain Experts along with Top Supply Chain Scientists from Texas A&M University will work with you to define, measure, analyze, and recommend opportunities for improvements in your business.
      You receive a set of very specific recommendations for process improvements that can be implemented with or without the assistance of our experts, to help streamline work flows and improve communication.
      You will have the opportunity to influence future design features of the V-Chain Engine and CRM module.
      You will receive a one-year free trial of the V-Chain Engine and/or CRM Modules for evaluation.


      To learn more about the V-Chain Engine, click on the link below to see the demo:



      V-Chain Solutions is dedicated to driving improvement in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and government organizations. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to take part in developing the world's first Business Communications and Decision Making Network. We strive to make driving the supply chain as easy as driving a car. Allow us to become your eye on the supply chain!


      Contact us at to learn more about this special year-end offer.




      James Vinson

      CEO, V-Chain Solutions, Inc.