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    advertising for my fishing charter business

    fishin247 Newbie
      ive used adwords and the stuff on well as local advertising here in charleston, there something else i should try to gain more business or web traffic that doesnt cost a bundle of website is one that i created myself...and with the advertising, ive set up my own accounts as well as managed them..theres got to be more out there on the world wide web to add on to what im doing....any suggestions would be helpful...ive heard that adwords isnt that effective, but i would like to know what is....thanks
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          intechspecial Ranger

          My first response is that the overall design lacks consistancy and is a bit busy.

          You should use the same background graphic for each page.

          Although design lacks, your site can still be successful you MUST ad a layer of OFFLINE MARKETING.

          Offline consists of newpaper ads, tv ads, flyers, business networking groups etc.

          Finally, at one point I use to fish, and if I am ever in your area I will look you up!



          Mike -
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            A_Ellicott Adventurer
            I agree with what intechspecial said about your website. It's good but those suggestions would make it better.

            intechspecial is also right about pursuing offline advertising. The internet should only be one part of your marketing effort.

            It seems to me that your prime market would be visitors/tourists. I've never been to Charleston but I'm sure a big tourist place like that has a Convention and Visitors Bureau. Contact them and see how you can get your business in front of visitors. Will they link to your website from theirs? List your business in their directory? Can you put some brouchures in their office? If there are conventions coming to town can you arrange to have a brouchure placed in the welcome packet given to attendees?

            You should also visit the hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts etc. If they have one of those brochure racks ask if you can place some of yours there. If the hotel has a restaurant you might even offer to partner with them. Could a guest catch a fish with you and the hotel cook it and serve it to the guest in their restaurant? I'm not sure health regulations would allow that, but it would sure make for a memorable trip. It couldn't hurt to ask. Introduce yourself to the desk clerks and/or concierge and make sure they are aware of your business. When I'm away from home I frequently ask the staff for recommendations. If they send you some business send them a nice thank you note and a small gift.

            If I were visiting Charleston, spending a half a day fishing would be something I would definitely consider doing, and I don't even fish. However, If it takes too much effort on my part to find a guide, or if I put it off till the last minute, I might not get around to it during my trip. Whether its via the internet or other means, I think the key is to get on people's list of things they must do during their stay and make it as easy as possible to arrange it.