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    Principles of Viral Marketing

    MorgenGroup Newbie

      As I prepare to launch my company's web site I've been doing a lot of research on networking, email campaigns, advertising, as well as gathering a considerable amount of information from social networks like this one. I recently read an informative article by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, E-Commerce Consultant on the six simple principles of viral marketing and wanted to share the article with those about to embark on an advertising campaign. The elements of a viral marketing strategy for those who wish for a quick summary,

      • 1. Give away products or services
      • 2. Provide for effortless transfer to others
      • 3. Scale easily from small to very large
      • 4. Exploit common motivations and behaviors
      • 5. Utilize existing communication networks
      • 6. Take advantage of others' resources


      For those interested in the full article, which provides a more in-depth explanation of the above, and is also a good read, please visit- . A good source for additional reading on viral marketing visit-


      Hope this proves useful!


      Robert Ray